Wednesday, March 14, 2007

An Offer

I can't make promises as to how quickly I'll get it done, as I'm juggling a bunch of different projects from one day to the next, and graphics is one of those things that works best when I'm feeling artistic. But if some of my fellow SYW states are interested in a coat of arms, I'm open to doing one or two. I use a set of heraldry clipart that I purchased a few years ago, and my actual artistic abilities are limited, so I'll have to look at requests on a case by case basis to see whether I have what's needed to craft it for you. But I'd be interested in trying one or two.

Jeff/Saxe-Bearstein, if you want a bear and stag like my blue wolf for your flags, toss me a copy of one of each of your flags without the central emblem and I'll see what I can cook up. I won't be offended if you aren't interested, though.


Jeff of Saxe-Bearstein said...

I'm not exactly sure of what you mean. Are you offering to do some supporters (the figures that go on the side of the shield)? If so, I'm interested.

If it is to replace the bear that I'm currently using, I'm happy enough with it.

However, I am interested in a good stag figure for one of my "opposing" countries.

-- Jeff

Snickering Corpses said...

Sure, I can do some supporters, if you know what you want and it's something I've got available. And I should have a good stag figure. You wanted a leaping one, right?

Jeff of Saxe-Bearstein said...

The Stag doesn't have to be in any particular pose. I'm curious as to what you have available.

You can email me what you've got if you want.

As for supporters for the Saxe-Bearstein arms, off the top of my head (and it is 5 am here -- I just got back from a marathon poker game) -- I would think that a stag and a bear might be the best choices . . . but I might change my mind tomorrow.

-- Jeff