Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Plotting a battle

Depending upon my time and motivation, and the timely arrival of a group of figures off of Ebay...I'm planning another battle for Hesse-Engelburg, this one larger than the Hirschtal fight. Things have been far too quiet on the Ober-Schweinsberg front.

As with the Hirschtal fight, in order to handle the very small quantities of figures I have on hand, I'll likely be using small battalions of 6-12 figures each. If I do, this should let me field 10-20 battalions and 1-2 regiments of hussars with my existing figures.

Meanwhile, those who are tracking the Emperor vs Elector blog, or the Tipplebruder blog, will know that a small contingent of Hesse-Engelburg forces are amongst the multi-national alliance troops prepared to defend Tipplebruder from Stagonian invasion.

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