Thursday, January 3, 2008

Reoriganization and other stuff

Yeah, I know, I keep reorganizing my unit structure in spite of not getting much of anything painted. But I've done it yet again, after looking for too long at Der Alte Fritz' battalions on his blog.

The short way of explaining the new organization would be to say that it's the same as the large generic battalion in BAR, but with one file cut off of every company. This means a total of 9 men per company, plus a six-man headquarters (officer, drummer, 2 standard bearers, 2 regulars). All in three ranks of course. This gives me a strength of 42 without the grenadier company, 51 with.

Which means, instead of being able to field 1.5 battalions of RSM figures, I can field 1 full battalion IF I acquire two more RSM Prussian Grenadiers. And have all of 8 extra figures left, most of them officers.

To go with this, I've decided to also use a 12 figure squadron formation, matching the one illustrated in BAR. This means a 3 squadron regiment would be only slightly less strong than a 4 company battalion.

To go with these new organizations, I finally got around to sorting through the Revell figures I received from a good wargaming friend. I may have to obtain some spares to fill out a handful of figures I'm short on, but I've now set aside 4 Prussian Musketeer Battalions (2 with grenadier companies, 2 without), 1 Prussian standing grenadier battalion, 1 Austrian composite grenadier battalion, and 1 Austrian Musketeer Battalion (with grenadier company). Also, 1 slightly over-strength Austrian pioneer company.

At a minimum, I need to add 3 Austrian officers, 2 Austrian drummers, 5 Prussian officers, and 5 Prussian drummers. Ideal would be to have an additional 2 Austrian charging grenadier, 18 Prussian charging grenadier, and 48 Prussian standing firing pose. It would sweeten the pot a little further if I had another 12 Austrian standing firing pose.

At present, my Prussian Musketeer battalion companies use 2 ranks of 3 kneeling, 1 rank of 3 reloading. My Austrian Musketeer battalion uses 1 rank of 3 kneeling, one rank of 3 biting cartridge, and one rank of 2 reloading and 1 grenadier NCO.


Bluebear Jeff said...

Since we're having a good time playing the rules I've written, I've so far resisted buying a copy of BAR . . . but I've read nothing but good things about it.

Enjoy . . . and get that paint brush working.

-- Jeff

abdul666 said...

and get that camear ready!

Best wishes,