Saturday, February 23, 2008

Updated Figure Comparison: Infantry

As promised, here is a new figure comparison photo, to be followed hopefully by a few more. Click on the image for a zoomed view.

From left to right, the figures are:
  1. Airfix Washington's Army 1/72 plastic
  2. Airfix British Grenadiers 1/72 plastic
  3. Revell SYW Prussian Infantry 1/72 plastic
  4. Revell SYW Austrian Infantry 1/72 plastic
  5. RSM95 Prussian SYW Grenadier March Attack 25mm
  6. Sash & Saber Prussian SYW Grenadier Marching 25mm (YPSI6, I think)
  7. Spencer Smith 30mm plastic (based on a US penny)
  8. RSM95 Prussian SYW Musketeer March Attack 25mm
  9. Imperialist Miniatures French WSS (possibly WAS) Musketeer 25mm
  10. Minden Miniatures Prussian SYW Musketeer 1/56 scale
  11. Old Glory AWI British Grenadier 25mm
  12. Old Glory SYW Austrian Grenadier 25mm
  13. RSM95 French & Indian Wars Highlander 25mm
  14. Hinchcliffe AWI Minuteman Advancing (AW40) 25mm
  15. Hinchcliffe AWI Marine Advancing 25mm (X45)
  16. Hinchcliffe AWI Militia in Shirt Advancing 25mm (X43)
  17. Hinchcliffe AWI American Militia Advancing 25mm (AW41)


Auston said...

Thank you for this detailed comparison. That was exactly what the Inspector General called for. I am considering placing an order from DPC today for a painted command stand.

Snickering Corpses said...

You're quite welcome. I've just been reading your own latest blog posting, ironically. :) I hope to have some more comparison photos up soon, as well.

Steve said... to agree - very useful... two things jump out at you..., the RSM's (and Franks Minden figure) are very elegant, nice lookign figures...

..and two, the Hinchliffe figures are a pleasant surprise - prevous experience has not been good with this range, but those figures are very nice..

Snickering Corpses said...

From what I've seen on Hinchliffe's website, there is some variation in quality amongst their figures. But I used the website to get a view of each figure before buying them.

When I get to take the photos of various command figures, you'll see some of the Hinchliffe officers. I bought mostly Austrian officers because I didn't really like the Prussian officer waving hat casting on the website.