Friday, April 18, 2008

Items for Sale

Have a few items I want to sell, to finance other things :> I also have, if you have alternate interests, a few 1976 coin sets, some Hot Wheels and similar cars (mostly 70s-forward), and a baseball card collection of mostly 80s/90s cards. If interested, contact me via this principality's name at snickeringcorpses dot com, and leave a comment that you've emailed me so I can look for it.

1) 35 unpainted Old Glory SYW Austrian Grenadiers - a mix of command
and other ranks, and a mix of the "Hungarian" and "German".

2) 15 unpainted Old Glory AWI/ARW British Grenadiers - 11 regulars, 1
officer, 1 drummer, 1 fifer, 1 standard bearer without pole

3) Osprey Men-at-Arms series:
b) #55 Napoleon's Dragoons and Lancers - 2005 edition, very clean,
Angus McBride illustrations
c) #64 Napoleon's Cuirassiers and Carabiniers - 2005 edition, very
clean, Angus McBride illustrations
d) #276 The Austrian Army 1740-80: 2 Infantry - 1994, Bill
Younghusband illustrations

4) Military and Naval History Journal - HMGS East:
a) Number 5, 1997
b) Number 9, April 1999
c) Number 10, July 1999

5) Reader's Digest Illustrated Story of WW2

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Stokes Schwartz said...

Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for the heads-up on Andy Mitchell's Frivolous FUsiliers blog. Pretty cool, huh?

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