Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tiny Progress

There is now a single Spencer Smith plastic grenadier with a coat of white gesso base, and a yellow coat and vague resemblance of the bag of his cap in the same color. Also, a brown musket.

Now, I realize this is painting him totally out of keeping with general consensus of working from the skin out, but I wanted to see how the yellow would cover, as it's a different yellow than the one that failed so badly on the Lintzer cuffs and lapels. This one's Delta Ceramcoat, and it did very well on this initial test.

Given the rough nature of the Spencer Smith casts, one has to kind of guess at where some things should go, so I suspect I may continue painting out of order, touching things up until it looks right to me. Next up is probably the black facings and black of the bearskin and boots. I'm still debating trouser color.

Oh yes, it occurs to me I've not identified which unit, for which Jean-Louis will surely be agitated. Much as I hate to give such venerable figures to the enemy, I have decided to use the Spencer Smith grenadiers for the Gebuhren Eber Grenadiers of the Bad Nachtschwein League. Since my Hesse-Engelburg grenadiers are not in bearskins, they wouldn't really be useful there, so I gave them to the BNL so they can get onto the table against my H-E troops in time. Rest assured, dear reader, that the venerable Spencer Smiths are not unrepresented on the Hesse-Engelburg side, since the painted regiment of marching musketeers photographed a few months ago are going to be the Hesse-Engelburg marines. Which means, yes, that the current rumors of war may result in Spencer Smith vs Spencer Smith upon my table at some point.


abdul666 said...

Great to learn about the troops of that mysterious '3rd party' the Bad Nachtschwein League!
Looking forward to see the Gebuhren Eber Grenadiers in their flesh.

Bluebear Jeff said...


You know that we like to see photos (even of work-in-progress).

When do you think that you'll have enough troops to hold a table top skirmish with them?

Thanks for the birthday greeting, by the way.

-- Jeff

Snickering Corpses said...

To have a *painted* skirmish, it'll be quite some time yet. I'm still at the "one figure, one color at a time" stage.

However, I have vague plans for finding time to do the Bad Nachtschwein battle hinted at sometime this month. It depends on work and family schedules.