Friday, October 10, 2008

Opening the Sacred Tome....

A grandiose title for this one, but I must admit to there being quite the feeling of reverence mixed with euphoria yesterday as I opened for the first time my own copy of "The War Game" by Charles Grant. This is the original first edition printing, not the recent reprint with reorganizations and additions by his son Charles Stuart.

I spent what time I could yesterday going through the book, skimming some sections and reading others, and especially perusing the pictures. Even in black and white there's lots to love. I find myself wanting to get out the Battlegames issue with the Mollwitz refight and see how many units I can identify from the black and white to their color version in Battlegames.

This shall surely have a pride of place upon my shelf alongside Charge!. Next on the agenda (Christmas list perhaps) is "Programmed Wargames Scenarios". Perhaps followed by Charles Stuart Grant's "The War Game Companion".


Bluebear Jeff said...

Enjoy it, Jonathan. I read "The War Game" before I got "Charge!" so it was my intro to 'big battalions' (not that I've ever fielded any -- but they look great).

-- Jeff

Stokes Schwartz said...

Hi Jonathan,

Happy you are pleased with the book. It's wonderful! I'll touch base with you later in the week about our play-by-e-mail game.

Best Regards,