Monday, September 29, 2008

Battling from Afar

As some of you may have read already on Stokes' blog, Stokes Schwartz of the Grand Duchy of Stollen and I are plotting to play out a game by email and blog, with Stokes hosting the table and myself commanding one of the forces remotely. We're currently hashing out details, but the scenario played will be Charles S. Grant's Teaser from Issue #14 of Battlegames magazine.

If you've not got a subscription to Battlegames and you're reading this blog, you should. You can either order it direct from or if in the US, you can get it slightly cheaper from On Military Matters ( The one caveat for ordering from OMM, which is the route I went, is that you'll get yours a week or two later than those who ordered direct got theirs, since OMM has to receive them from the UK and then turn around and send them to you. Provided you can survive that period of envious waiting while everyone else tells you how good it is, OMM's a good option.

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Bluebear Jeff said...

I get mine from OMM . . . but they have to come through Canada Post . . . so they are even later.

I wouldn't want to suggest that Canada Post is slow . . . but their carrier tortoises are complaining about the work load.

Nevertheless Battlegames is worth the wait.

-- Jeff