Sunday, September 7, 2008

Grant and Grant

In my newest book acquisition, Terry Wise's Introduction to Battle Gaming, there's a fine photo of Charles Grant Sr. and his son Charles S. in their wargaming room, which I display below for the edification of fellow gamers.

I'd never seen the book before, but I quite recommend it. It's well worth an addition to the library.


rpardo said...

Shadows of the past... I own a that book!... It was my second (second-hand naturally) book on wargaming. The first was 'Napoleonic Wargaming' by C.Grant (Grant Sr.) himself!... I fall in love with that era and twenty years after, I astill paly napoleonic games

Stokes Schwartz said...

Hi Jonathan,

Isn't that a wonderful photo of Charles Grant jr. and his father? ANd the table pictures. . . What is there to say? Something to which we all should aspire, perhaps?

Best Regards,