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The Army of Hesse-Engelburg

Army Headquarters
Generalfeldmarshal Baron Ernst von Krimm
Husband of Baroness Verena von Krimm, the Chief Attendant to the Fürstin, Generalfeldmarshall Baron Ernst von Krimm is an officer of moderate experience gained mostly in mercenary service in the squabbles of one or two of the larger states. Not of noble birth himself, the Generalfeldmarshall is nevertheless well-respected, being regarded as a gentleman of excellent qualities. He is a keen rider, and a frequent participant in the fox hunts through the Fuchswald where he often leads the pack upon his favorite stallion, Sturm. He gained his title through his marriage to Verena, the sole heir of the former Baron, in a pairing undeniably that noble rarity of a love match. Even those with traditional dislike of a middle class gentleman entering the bloodline dare not speak against it openly due to the high favor in which the Fürst holds the Baron and the deep friendship between the Baroness and the Fürstin.

Major Reinhold Feldkamp
Though he is officially the commander of the small headquarters guard detachment, most of those "in the know" believe that Major Reinhold Feldkamp is destined for a bigger role in any actual wartime service. With experience in mercenary service on the Austrian frontier, it is believed that the Major would operate not only as a significant advisor to the Generalfeldmarshall, but also might be called upon for detached service to command a "fire brigade" of troops collected for key actions under the director orders of the Generalfeldmarshall. The Major is also known to maintain steady friendships with old comrades in various parts of the world, and no one seems to be certain exactly how many contacts he may have at his disposal. He is rumored to have amassed a small fortune during his service to Austria, a rumor primarily fueled by the lavish parties he occasionally throws for foreign visitors. While by no means on a level of the great crowns of Europe, his parties are still in excess of what a Major's pay or his small estate near Bieberheim would seem to justify.

Guards Brigade
Generalmajor Paul von Scheider - Brigade Commander
A man of limited combat experience, Generalmajor von Scheider is in his fourth decade of life and known to be devotedly faithful to his wife, Roswitha. Before the formation of the army, he led a body of the volunteer militia in the district near the capital, and is credited with the elimination of a band of robbers operating in the region during a hunt of six months duration. He and his wife will soon celebrate their 25th anniversary.

Garde du Corps Prinzessin Gertrude
Inhaber: Prinzessin (Princess) Gertrude Blauerwolf
Commander: Oberstleutnant (Lt. Colonel) Milheiser

When the decision to raise an army for Hesse-Engelburg was made, the very first to put personal finances behind the raising of a regiment was none other than Princess Getrude herself, eldest daughter of the Fürst and Fürstin. As is typical of royally maintained regiments, the Princess is herself the Inhaber of the regiment, but it is commanded in the field by Oberstleutnant Milheiser, formerly the second in command of the garrison of Schloß Blauerwolf itself. An unusual formation, its composition dictated by the Princess herself, the Garde du Corps Prinzessin Gertrude will field a mixed legion of infantry and cavalry of as yet uncertain size. Its depot is at Engelburg and its recruits mostly hail from Engelburg, Karlsdorf, and other towns and villages along the Schlafwasser river valley.

Wolfgreifer Fusiliers
Inhaber/Commander: Graf (Count) Rudolf von Heffernick

The second guards regiment added to the establishment, most recruits hail from Conradstadt and surrounding towns, and the regiment's depot is located there.

"Eisen und Flamme" Artillery Battery
Inhaber/Commander: Captain Steiger

Funded by the Steiger family, famed iron merchants of the city of Eisenbrückenstadt, this battery was the first artillery unit to form in Hesse-Engelburg. Most recruits for the battery are drawn from the mining families of Eisenhügel, rather than from Eisenbrückenstadt itself. The base for the unit is, however, Eisenbrückenstadt, and when not needed for field services its cannons are often mounted in the redoubt that guards the city gates.

Regular Infantry
Lintzer Musketeers
Inhaber/Commander: Colonel Lintzer

The first unit entered upon the regular establishment, the Lintzer Musketeers are owned by Colonel Lintzer, and have their depot in Lintzhausen, the town founded by one of Colonel Lintzer's ancestors several centuries ago. The Lintzer family has made its fortune off of timber sales, and many of the recruits come from the town of Lintzhausen and the logging villages scattered through the surrounding forests.

Grauerhimmel Fusiliers
Inhaber/Commander: Colonel von Schlichter

The second unit to enter the regular establishment, depot in Grauerhimmel. Recruits primarily from Grauerhimmel and surrounding towns. Its grenadier company is rumored to be formed entirely of second sons of goatherding families.

Grenadier Regiment von Platzen (Schwarze Grenadiere)
Inhaber/Commander: Colonel Rupert von Platzen

Already obtaining a reputation for their eye-catching black uniforms with red facings, the Von Platzen Grenadiers recruit mostly in the hereditary lands of the Landgraf von Platzen around the town of Platzenheim. The regimental Inhaber is the third son of the current Landgraf. While his older brothers were born to the Landgraf's first wife who died giving birth to the second, Rupert is the eldest son of the Landgraf's second wife, and much of the regiment is reportedly financed from elements of his mother's own family fortune.

Jager Regiment von Behler
Inhaber: Markgraf von Behler
Commander: Colonel Gebhard von Behler

Headquartered at Waldschloß, the hereditary home of the Markgraf von Behler, the Jager Regiment von Behler is formed of hunstmen from the forest region roughly bounded by the Waldschloß and the towns of Hirschtal and Fünfleben. Its Inhaber is the Markgraf von Behler himself, and its commander is his eldest son and heir, Gebhard. Companies of the regiment are on active service patrolling the border areas around the castle, and are responsible for keeping the road between the Waldschloß and the trading center of Südmarkt clear of bandits for the trade caravans that pass through.

Regular Cavalry
Fuchshöhle Hussars
Inhaber: Colonel Stieffer

Widely expected to be one of the most effective cavalry regiments in Hesse-Engelburg, the Fuchshöhle Hussars are formed from the town of Fuchshöhle, the center of the Fuchswald fox hunting world. Mounted on their own personal horses bred locally rather than on government-provided mounts, the men of the regiment have life-long experience riding through the local forests and hills and are likely to be used extensively for reconaissance and as guides in the event of war breaking out. Their commander, Colonel Stieffer, is a forest guide from one of the best respected hunting families in the region, which has provided the personal guides of the hunting parties of the Blauerwolf family for generations.


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