Saturday, May 5, 2007

Debate on troop purchase

I've been debating on and off for several days now between possible troop purchases.

1) An artillery battery, which would give me some firepower of note alongside my infantry battalion.
2) A group of Hussars in Busby. I'm seriously considering doing all of Hesse-Engelburg's Hussars in busbies. In particular, I'm pondering doing the Fuchshöhle Hussars with a particular coloration in mind. Whether I can pull it off is another question. :>
3) A second battalion of Musketeers. If I follow this option, then I'm probably going to ask for a custom bag, replacing a few of the officers and musketeers with officers with spontoons to fit out my desired count of 1 per company.

Any number of a thousand other combinations are in my brain of course ;) One of the other interesting possibilities is doing a unit of Jagers using the hunting shirt figures from the French and Indian Wars or AWI lines.


Bluebear Jeff said...

All of these are good choices . . . well, except for the artillery, if by itself.

The economy of purchasing is such that a small purchase means that the shipping charges become a much more pronounced part of the total cost.

Why not get the Hussars AND an artillery piece (plus a few artillerymen)? Remember, while they cost about a dime more, you can order individual figures too (not just bags).

About the Hussars, I personally prefer the ones in Mirliton . . . of course, here at Saxe-Bearstein we frown on the use of bearskins.

Here is a link to a RSM mirliton hussar from the Duke of Alzheim's forces:

-- Jeff

Snickering Corpses said...

Oh yes, I have ordered the individual figures before. That's how my first battalion has a mounted officer. For the artillery, if I bought it I'd be buying the 2-gun plus crews battery bag probably.

As for the Hussars, the busby is of importance for the particular unit I have in mind, though the Mirlitons look nice too.

Bluebear Jeff said...

Well, since it is important, I've convinced the von Ursas not to take any offense because of it.

As I recall, the "artillery bag" comes with 12 gunners, 2 gun carriages and 5 or 6 gun barrels (mine were a mix of 6# and 12# barrels -- no 3#ers).

On this latest shipment, I've ordered a pack of 3 3# guns. I'll let you know what they look like when they arrive . . . (which, given Canada Customs, could be in a month . . . or next week . . . no way to tell).

-- Jeff