Thursday, May 17, 2007

Hesse-Engelburg Issues Diplomatic Advisory

Hesse-Engelburg's Ministry of State has issued an advisory to the diplomatic offices of all states in the region regarding the present unrest in Ober-Schweinsberg. The latest reports from Ober-Schweinsberg indicate the Landgraviate to be in a state of full-scale civil war, with the armies of the Landgrave divided between the two brothers, and additional forces being raised, conscripted, or hired by both sides.

The Ministry of State recommends that all countries bordering Ober-Schweinsberg increase their border patrols to ensure that the conflict does not spill into their territory as it recently did into Hesse-Engelburg. The Ministry of State wishes to confirm that the General Staff of the Army are interviewing prisoners from the recent Battle of Hirschtal to determine whether the units involved were acting upon the orders of either Prince or were operating under the command of a rogue general for personal gain. The Ministry of State wishes to emphasize that the Principality of Hesse-Engelburg has not yet chosen to intervene upon either side of the conflict and is continuing its attempt to broker a diplomatic solution.

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