Monday, June 4, 2007

Message to Gallia

Dear l'Comte de Rapprochement de Gallia,

The Principality of Hesse-Engelburg is, like our Saxe-Bearstein allies, considering our options at the present time. However, given our more northernly position than Hesse-Seewald and Frankfurt, we feel confident there is no necessity for Gallian troops to traverse our soil, though Their Graces have consented that diplomatic discussion may be initiated to prove otherwise if the Prince should feel it necessary.

In the meantime, Graf Sepp von Sickel, Minister of Trade, has suggested a meeting with his opposite number to discuss the security of trade routes through Gallia and her allies as well as to request that measures be taken to deal with one Madame La Grange, a merchant of Gallian cheeses who has been known to disparage the fine goat cheese products of Hesse-Engelburg with most reprehensible charges of having been cured by demon's breath or, even worse, of being in fact imported English cheese sold under false pretenses. We are certain the Gallian Minister of Trade will be eager to encourage the Madame to confine her advertising to positive qualities of her own product, which is a quite respectable cheddar enjoyed on occasion even at my own table.


Burgraf Heinrich von Waffenschmidt
Minister of State for Hesse-Engelburg

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