Sunday, June 24, 2007

Somewhere in Lagerburg

A letter, delivered by courier at night, along with a small package.

My dear Fritz,

It is with some concern I have heard from friends of the tensions between the Duchy and your Slobbovian neighbors. Things are nearly as on edge as they were when we served together in the freikorps in the last war, are they not? I thought it suitable to write you informally about a little tender inquiry I have been making of late. I think it would be possible, were you to wish it, for me to arrange an audience for yourself or some other representative of the Duchy to speak with the Trade Minister and/or the Foreign Minister regarding beneficial trade agreements. Enclosed, I believe you will find an excellent sample of the product of our recently discovered rich gold vein, the which I encourage you to examine and keep for your mineral collection. I thought that perhaps the division of such a fine mineral sample to some in your acquaintance might help to demonstrate the benefits of trade.



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