Friday, February 6, 2009

Changes and Updates...

....some of which I blame on Beerstein.

The Reich Duchy of Beerstein just put out a new selection of gorgeous uniforms and flags, and these have only served to increase my pondering regarding changing both my uniforms and my flags.

Originally, the gray color was chosen for two reasons. One was to be different than the usual historical red, blues, and whites. The other was because I had a limited set of Vallejo paints from which to work. But since then, some of the Vallejo paints appear to have broken down (I suspect due to freezing and then thawing during delivery in a cold snap) and I've added a large number of craft paints which have been mentioned on this blog previously.

So, having seen the snazzy new uniforms, it's once again prompted me to consider changing colors while I still have only a few painted gray. I'm strongly considering a nice purple/violet for the uniform coat. I might keep the gray trousers even. Not sure about that. I might do a some gray, some buff sort of a thing. I've not been quite satisfied with my flags for a while now, so I'm seriously thinking I might redo them as well. I'd love to tinker around and come up with a coat of arms that I liked better than just the simple blue wolf, but maintaining the wolf as a strong element.

Yesterday's mail also brought the civilian figures I alluded to in the previous post, and it turned out they are indeed as I suspected the Blue Moon "Duelists" box. There is one figure with a couple of what appear to be casting flaws: a pinhole in his eye only visible from a certain direction, and a missing barrel on his pistol. The end of the missing barrel is smooth, which is why I conclude it may be a casting error rather than something broken off? Other than that slight issue, these are absolutely gorgeous figures. I've picked out my Furst and Furstin, and possibles for their son and daughter. Since I have only two females, I haven't decided if I want to use the second as daughter Gertrude or set her aside for some other family. The idea of using her as Gertrude and painting her up in a pink dress to match her regiment is extremely tempting.


Bluebear Jeff said...

Deciding upon uniforms and flags can be quite a project, can't it?

But it is also fun. So enjoy!

-- Jeff

Capt Bill said...

Redoing our armies is a great way to use our creativity without spending vast sums of money on new figures. By the way purple is very regal!

abdul666 said...

Looking forward to enjoy the 'new look'!

Prinz Geoffrey said...

Davis from noy by appointment could help you with a new flag. I toyed with the idea of a perriwinkle or violet coat but could not get it to look military enough looked too posh for the average grunt. Good luck with the uni changes.