Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Revell Reinforcements

Thanks to some good online gaming friends, I acquired some reinforcements for my Revell SYW collection at an exceedingly reasonable price. Last week over the course of a couple of days I clipped and sorted most of them, pairing them up with my existing battalions to fill in gaps. Besides filling in gaps, I've actually put together another independent company, which will hopefully become the core of a new battalion down the line, and some cavalry units.

Figures received were 1 box each of Prussian Infantry, Austrian Infantry, Prussian Hussars, Austrian Dragoons, and Austrian Artillery. I've not yet touched the artillery as I need to wait till I have time for painting and assembling it, I think, rather than having loose parts rattling around. But all the rest have been sorted.

After processing, I currently have the following Revell units for my armies:

1 Grenadier Battalion - 42 figures
1 Grenadier Company - 9 figures
1 Musketeer Battalion - 51 figures
2 Pioneer Companies - 6 figureseach
1 Dragoon Squadron - 12 figures
1 Dragoon detachment - 3 figures, usable for pickets or HQ guards

1 Grenadier Battalion - 42 figures
2 Musketeer Battalions - 51 figures
2 Musketeer Battalions - 42 figures? (incomplete)
1 independent Musketeer Company - 12 figures
1 independent Grenadier Company - 12 figures
1 Hussar Squadron - 12 figures
1 Hussar detachment - 5 figures, usable for pickets or HQ guards

Figures I still need/want for the infantry:
2 Austrian officers
1 Austrian drummer
3 Prussian officers
3 Prussian drummers
32 Prussian musketeer stand and fire
10 Prussian Charging Grenadier

I can, of course, still use some other infantry figures and definitely some more cavalry. But the above are the ideal to complete what infantry units I've already sorted out.

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