Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Kingdom for a Horse...

I've mentioned previously that I had six RSM95 mounted figures in need of horses, a mixture of French Generals and English Aides. Well, a few days ago I had a sudden epiphany, while trying to decide whether to get rid of a large number of 28mm Napoleonic figures that I acquired from a fellow gamer clearing out his collection. Included in the set were a number of Hinchliffe Napoleonic Austrian Hussars with an inadequate number of horses. So I had the idea to try mounting my horseless RSMs on some of the Hinchliffe horses.

They're not perfect, as there's as much as an eighth of an inch or so gap between saddle and horse back one some of them. But I think this is a gap that I can live with to save the $6.60 it would take to buy the RSM horses when my budget for buying anything non-essential for living stands at about $20 right now. ;) Maybe later, when I've filled out my units to satisfaction, I may come back and buy new mounts for them IF the Hinchliffe don't look right once painted up.

Also, if anyone desperately needs to buy Hinchliffe Napoleonic Austrian figures, let me know. I've got a number of Landwehr plus some Uhlans and the aforementioned Hussars in need of mounts. There's also a set of Cuirassiers I'm debating whether to keep or not.

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justMike said...

A metal file (or Dremmel tool) works wonders to reduce the girth of horses mis-matched with riders.......
.....and it doesn't seem to be painful for the horse either. Good luck.