Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Currency, Arms, and Flags

The Grand Duke of Stollen forced me to consider an angle I hadn't before, in asking about the principality's currency. After some consideration, and some playing with Google's translation tools, the primary unit of currency for the principality is declared to be the Wolfzahn (wolf's tooth). According to legend, at some ancient point the native tribes traded actual wolves' teeth, a currency therefore based upon the prowess of the tribe's hunters. Or perhaps of their thieves and scavengers. A tooth from a skillfully killed wolf and a tooth from one that died of disease don't look all that different unless the ailment affects the teeth, after all. ;)

The latter has given rise to the name of one of the minor villages of Hesse-Engelburg...the village of Zahndieb (tooth thief - subject to change if I find out I'm wrong on the German). Some of the local old gabbers like to maintain that the Tooth Fairy (Zahnfee?) is actually a variation of the story of the Zahndieb, made up to teach children to keep their currency under their pillows, where a burglar couldn't easily remove it. In the Hesse-Engelburg version, the Tooth Fairy leaves a candy under your pillow, while the Zahndieb leaves nothing at all.


I'm also presently working on a coat of arms, and national/regimental flags. It's mostly in my head right now, though I've done the central Wolf Rampant Gaurdant that will be the house symbol of the Blauerwolf family.

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Bluebear Jeff said...

Hmmm, perhaps (given its history), I should have the standard monetary unit of Saxe-Bearstein be a "pint" or something like that.

I'll have to think of this.

-- Jeff