Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Letter to Stollen, February 28th

TO: Herr Johannes P. Flickenhoffer, Personal Assistant to Grand Duke Irwin Amadeus II
Grand Duchy of Stollen

February 28, 1768

Herr Flickenhoffer,

You do Herr Strasser a great but undue kindness in referening to him as von Strasser, a title to which his family has not yet obtained. The address will, I am sure, please him, however. Your letter having been assigned to Wednesday's correspondence, it falls to me to rely Their Grace's answer to you, but I shall be sure to distribute a copy of your correspondence to Herr Strasser as well.

I believe there is certainly grounds for exchange which may be discussed with our supply of iron and dairy products and your own Trakehner horses. The recent move towards a standing army has obliged Their Graces and the various Inhaber of the newly raised units to acquire an issue of government-owned horse for the equipping of the cavalry. Certain units, such as the excellent Fuchshöhle Hussars will largely provide their own mounts with which they are most familiar, but others will certainly require the purchase of further horses.

Their Graces also wish to extend to your court an offer of hospitality to their retreat in the village of Fuchshöhle, centered within the Fuchswald. As is no doubt known to the Grand Duke, the Fuchswald is famous for its fine fox hunting, and Fuchshöhle is a center of tourism for many of the great hunters of Europe. There, perhaps, further matters of trade may be discussed by our separate ambassadors at their leisure while an amicable time is had at the hunt.

Yours with kind regards,

Baroness Verena von Krimm
Chief Attendant to Her Grace, Social Secretary for Wednesdays

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