Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Possible Hesse-Engelburg uniforms, draft 1

Thanks are most certainly due again to Jeff of Saxe-Bearstein for his excellent blank uniform templates. Below are a few proposed uniforms for Hesse-Engelburg troops.

Edit 02/16/2007: Sadly, the uniform image has had to be removed, as Jeff found that there was a prior copyright holder for the template. If anyone knows of a public domain replacement (or wants to make one), let me know! So here are the descriptions:

  1. Pink uniform coat, violet facings (collars, cuffs, facings, and turnbacks). Gray trousers and waistcoat. Violet tape on the tricorn edging.

  2. Gray uniform coat, blue facings. Gray trousers and waistcoat. White tape on tricorn edging.

  3. Black uniform coat, red facings. Red trousers, gray waistcoat. Red tape on tricorn ediging.

  4. Green uniform coat, orange facings. Green trousers, green waistcoat. Green tape on tricorn edging.

  5. Gray uniform coat, yellow facings. Gray trousers and waistcoat. White tape on tricorn edging.

  6. Andrea (light) blue uniform coat, white facings. Gray trousers and waistcoat. Andrea blue tape on tricorn edging.

From left to right, we have the following uniforms:
  1. Princess Gertrude's Own - I'm pondering making this a regiment of dismounted Hussars. As noted elsewhere, the Princess' regiment simply must be pink. I think the violet facings make a nice compliment.
  2. A unit of Hesse-Engelburg regulars. I may change my mind, but I'm presently planning to outfit the musketeers in gray uniforms with various colorful facings. Possibly the Grauerhimmel Musketeers.
  3. Von Platzen Grenadiers - Naturally, also known as the Schwarze Grenadiere, the Black Grenadiers. Because people are just logical that way.
  4. Jager Regiment von Behler - Sporting a proper Jager green, with distinctively orange facings.
  5. Another unit of Hesse-Engelburg regulars. Possibly von Lintzer's regiment.
  6. Guard Regiment - Probably a specific guards regiment, though it might end up being the uniform color for all guards units. I may change the facing colors...though I sort of like the icy look of the azure and white combination.

We'll see if I stick with these, but I think they're a nice initial set. Gray trousers and vests are the norm, though the Jagers go for green and the Von Platzen Grenadiers wear very notable red trousers.



Bluebear Jeff said...

I am particularly fond of the different colors of hat tape. This is not totally out of order either. If you explore the "Wars of the League of Augsburg" gallery at the LOA website, you will find examples of hat tape colored something other than yellow or white.

That website URL is . . .

Overall, I like your uniforms.

-- Jeff

Bluebear Jeff said...

Have you given any thought yet to regimental flags?

How will each unit's colors be connected to their flags (or wiil they be)?

This is something to think about now.

Also, are you using any sort of "theme" for your units? You certainly don't have to . . . but if you do, some thoughts on the theme (whatever it might be) can inspire your choices for both uniforms and flags.

-- Jeff