Saturday, February 24, 2007

Regimental Flags

First off, heavy credit for these goes to Jeff of Saxe-Bearstein, who sent me the basic flag of his own generosity, already colored for the regiments I'd posted. All I did was put the Hesse-Engelburg emblem in the center. Thank you so much, Jeff!

I finally found the answer to stopping them from dropping down the page. If you use tables, you have to type the entire table as one continuous line of text, or ever time you hit the enter key to drop down a line and make your tags easier to read, it inserts another new line in the text.

Princess Gertrude's Own
Grauerhimmel Fusiliersvon Platzen Grenadiers(Schwarze Grenadiere)

Jager Regiment von Behler
von Lintzer Musketeers
Unnamed Guard Regiment


Bluebear Jeff said...

Try going to your "edit" mode, select this post.

Next move cursor down to just before your flags and try backspacing. This should (I think) close the gap.

-- Jeff

Snickering Corpses said...

I've tried still does something odd. I think it narrowed the gap a bit when I did selections of the blank space, which turned up some blocks of space, but it doesn't seem to get it all the way up. It's like there's an invisible table getting thrown in on top of it.

Bluebear Jeff said...

Okay, another thing to try is to go to the "Edit" feature again.

If you click on one of the graphics, you can then "drag" it into position. This can be a fussy process (check the "preview" to see how it will look (sort of).

It's worth a try anyway.

-- Jeff