Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Digression: Followups

Thank you for the comments so far on my questions. Several are still open to further info.

A friend suggested, on the paint scheme question, that I might want to paint my first regiment as one of the more common colors, and wait till I'd gotten a little experience before trying to paint one of the "special regiments", so that any early mistakes would be less noticable by being on the less important units. There's some wisdom to that, though I'm still pondering. Lack of funding makes it difficult to decide to paint an "unimportant" unit first, as it's not certain when I'll then have the funds for the important ones. Decisions, decisions. In the meantime, even if I do paint it as one of the regular units (probably the von Lintzer regiment still), I have 4 leftover Musketeers after the battalion is formed. I intend to make use of those to paint test uniforms for some of the other units.

Stokes, thank you for the breakdown on your regiment. That's quite helpful. And to Alte and Jeff and Miniwargamer for the opinions on officers and priming. I'm still pondering organizational makeup. If I save the foot officers as regimental staff, and work with Richard to custom-build packs to suit my project, that might actually work out quite well. Ponder ponder.

On a separate digression, I've been looking for good cheap 25mm goats, pondering giving each regiment a mascot. We'll see if I actually do it.


Snickering Corpses said...

Also, Stokes, Stollen still owes Hesse-Engelburg a reply to the last communication. :>

Bluebear Jeff said...

While it may sound silly, take a look at cheap plastic animals that you can find in toy stores. They usually come in bags (of barnyard animals, for example). Since they come in various sizes, you might find one that will do.

A bonus is that they are usually very inexpensive. Other than that, all I can think of is that the London War Room has a bunch of African animals . . . but I don't recall a goat.

Also, I agree that your friend's suggesting about painting a "common" regiment first is a good one.

-- Jeff

Stokes Schwartz said...

Stay tuned for another diplomatic communication from one of Irwin Amadeus II's personal advisors. ;-)

Best REgards,


MiniWargamer said...


Here's a link to my store that shows a good set of goats. MegaMinis produces them so you can get them from your FLGS or me, either one (or direct from MM).

Snickering Corpses said...

*laughs* That's the third time I've come across the MegaMinis set of goats. So far, it's definitely the nicest combo of price and quality I've seen. I've been told a couple of others have goats that I can't seem to find any pictures of. Dixon and Irregular Miniatures.