Sunday, April 22, 2007

Reply to Stollen

Royal Residence, Engelburg, The Principality of Hesse-Engelburg

22. April 1768

To Their Graces, the Duke and Duchess of Stollen, the Furst and Fursten of Hesse-Engelburg send their warm greetings.

We were most disturbed to hear of the consternation caused within your fine Duchy at the recent mustering of our forces, and do wish to convey to you that we have no designs upon the Grand Duchy in our present activities. Hitherto, Hesse-Engelburg has relied upon our fine local militias and the stalwart vigils of the Borderers to maintain the sanctity of the principality's lands and sovereignty. It is only with concern about the increasing militarization of larger neighbors, doubtless a concern shared by your own people, that we have felt it prudent to follow suit of other principalities in raising a standing force for our protection.

Recent tensions with Stagonia, with whom our respected ally Furst Bruno V has had considerable troubles historically, have forced us to accelerate the activation of our units, but they should in no way be construed as a threat against the Duchy, with whom we hope to have the most cordial of relations. We do, however, extend our thanks for the offer of safe conduct across your territories, should we find it necessary to come to the aid of our allies.

With sincere regards,

Burgraf Heinrich von Waffenschmidt
Minister of State, Principality of Hesse-Engelburg

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