Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Thoughts on upcoming troops

Stepping out of news reports and correspondences into the real world thoughts, I've been pondering some more regarding the structure of my units. I haven't even begun to consider artillery...we're still in the stage of dealing with infantry and cavalry.

Here are some planned strengths:

Standard fusilier/musketeer battalion: 24 fusiliers/musketeers in 4 line companies of 6 figures, plus 1 grenadier company of 6 figures. The grenadiers will, of course, be able to be grouped with other grenadier companies to form combined grenadier battalions if needed. Total figures if the grenadiers remain: 30. This dovetails well with the size of the RSM95 bags of 7YW infantry (36 figures gives me 1.5 battalions per bag), and should allow for later splitting up of bags between battalions if I wish to increase the strength to 60 total, or even to 60 line.

Every 2 bags, I'll be able to form 3 battalions, with the assistance of a command set for the third battalion and 18 grenadiers.

A single bag of grenadiers (also 36) could supply grenadier companies for 6 line battalions, or be split between a standing grenadier battalion and 1 or more companies.

Cavalry squadrons: While I might vary these if I feel it needed, I believe I'm going to standardize on a squadron of 4 figures. Since the RSM95 cavalry figures typically come in bags of 12, this will be evenly divisible, giving me 3 squadrons per bag.

Cavalry regiments: I really remain indecisive on these. I'm seriously considering 4 squadrons in size, but I may go with the 3 squadrons per regiment that would allow each RSM95 cavalry bag to produce one regiment. I'm strongly tugged towards the idea of slightly larger regiments however. I really think 16, or perhaps even 20, would look lovely on the table. 16 might be the simplest, and would make some sense, as horse regiments needn't have grenadier companies, and therefore their 4 squadrons would parellel the 4 company formation of the infantry battalion. It would also mean that for ever 4 bags of cavalry (if all the same type), I'd be able to form 3 regiments. Being able to form 4 regiments of 12 would be more economical, but I think I'll enjoy the look of 4 ranks of 4 on column of squadrons better.


Bluebear Jeff said...

Something to keep in mind is that DCP will usually work with you if asked nicely to provide units without command. Or you can also purchase figures individually at a slightly higher price (.85 for infantry or rider; $1.10 for a horse).

The grenadier pack I first ordered came with two officers and two drummers plus 32 grenadiers if I recall correctly.

And before I forget, I really do like the look of six-figure stands (two ranks of three). I chose four-figure stands (two ranks of two) to keep a leaner mix of grenadiers (one-sixth of standard 24-man unit) since I felt that that was more historical . . . but I still like the look of those six-man stands.

Be warned that if you order the "Firing" pose, the standard mix is of both standing and kneeling figures (plus standing command).

Richard of DCP is very good about answering questions, so feel free to email him . . . but don't be alarmed if he doesn't answer right away (that probably means that he's out-of-town . . . possibly at a gaming convention).

When I place an order, I often order singles of some of the figures/poses that I'm thinking about for the future to get an idea of what they look like.

Hopefully these rambling comments will have provided at least something of use for you.

-- Jeff

Snickering Corpses said...

Oh yes, I found Richard very nice. I actually emailed him a couple of times with questions and spent a good bit of time pondering before finally sending in my order.

For my initial order, at least, I've ordered the marching pose. But thank you for the pointer on the firing pose. I'll have to keep that in mind. Does the firing usually divide evenly between the standing and kneeling? If it comes out as 32 plus 4 command type figures, I may have to order an extra handful to round out the battalions.

I owe a debt to the syw group on my organization, primarily for their pointing out that with a fictitious country I can organize them as I see fit and still be reasonable. :) I think with this setup I can comfortably put the units into any system from 1:20 up to about 1:33. This would make a full battalion *with* grenadiers somewhere between 600 and 990 men. 480-800 without grenadiers. And I can always set a few figures aside at the larger levels, if the basing allows.

Bluebear Jeff said...

I looked for and found a French Infantry Firing bag that I got. Here is the mix it had:

18 x Standing Firing
10 x Kneeling Firing
4 x Officers
2 x Drummers
2 x Standard-bearers

I should note that all of the RSM Standard-bearers I've seen have been shorter figures . . . youths carrying the standard. Perhaps that is why some people end up modifying figures to make their standard-bearers.

For my Saxe-Bearstein forces, I've mostly stayed with the marching pose myself.

-- Jeff

tidders said...

I'm using similar unit sizes for my armies:

- Musketer 4 companies of 6 figs each - 24 figs in all + command base; the grenadier company of 6 figs is converged with those of other regiments. For basing I'm doing 3 figs per base, 2 bases per company.

- 12 figs (2 squadrons, each comprising 2 companies - each company 3 figs each), one or two regiments may be larger (I think 12 is a bit small, but I can always expand the units later on). I'm using 3 figs to a base.

Allan (Wittenberg)