Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Rumor: Goatherds Spying for Saxe-Bearstein?

Word has circulated within Grauerhimmel that the two local goatherds involved in the incident have left their flocks in the care of relatives and chosen to make their way on a journey to allow the flames of anger to die down a bit.

Unsubstantiated rumors claim that the goatherds may in fact have gone to the Duchy of Mieczyslaw in order to watch the recent maneuvers, possibly even at the behest of the government in order to provide information for Saxe-Bearstein. Other rumors even suggest one or more of the goatherds may in fact have joined the Mieczyslaw armed forces. Official sources have refused to confirm or deny the matter, stating only that rumors are common in a time of militarization and uncertainty.

At the SiebenZiegen Inn, local innebriate Alte Ludwig claims that the Eisenhügel goatherder most closely involved in the original dispute has run away to join the forces of Mieczyslaw, and the Grauerhimmel goatherds have gone to bring him back. Frau Linkmeyer, the cook of the SiebenZiegen, feels that the events are much less sinister. "Those old fools? They've run away to join the circus, or maybe the gypsies. Irresponsible louts the lot of them. And that's *before* their first beer. After they get some beer in them, there's no end to their idiocy. Good riddance, I say."


MurdocK said...

Filip, szlachta of Mieczyslaw, observed the dispensing of justice in Hesse-Engelburg.

Following the proceedings he has approached the magistrates and Inhaber to open a better dialogue with the rules of Hesse-Engelburg.

Bluebear Jeff said...

The Principality of Saxe-Bearstein categorically denies that it has hired any citizen of Hesse-Engelburg to do any spying.

It is possible that some of your citizens, impressed by the charisma of Brigadier Fritz von Hoptz, may have decided on their own to venture out to see the Mieczyslaw mobilization for themselves . . . but certainly we know nothing of it.

-- Jeff for Saxe-Bearstein