Sunday, April 15, 2007

Stagonian Incursions? Goatherd Spies?

Reports are filtering out through the usual gossip channels to suggest that the purported French troops recently captured after an attack on Fair Champion Goatherd Maurice Bouchet are in fact troops from the state of Stagonia.

Rumors are flying in Grauerhimmel that an unidentified Stagonian nobleman may in fact be using troops under his command to attempt to assassinate Herr Bouchet. Tongues are wagging as to the reasons behind such a situation, and indeed as to the exact nature of Herr Bouchet's past. At the SiebenZiegen Inn, Alte Ludwig (interrupted in his usual habit of toasting sequentially each reigning monarch and all their relations for the past 700 years) declared that the son of a friend of a stableboy's uncle's cousin's great aunt's chambermaid's brother's blacksmith's wife's sister's nephew was personally present when Herr Bouchet bested the nobleman and both his sons in duels of honor over a stolen goat. Frau Linkmeyer, the proprietor, disagreed, feeling it much more likely that some errant noble daughter had simply taken a fancy to the goatherd much to her father's chagrin.

Whatever the truth of Herr Bouchet's past, it is reported that our beloved ruler, Furst Guntram Blauerwolf, has dispatched Minister of State Burgraf Heinrich von Waffenschmidt to Saxe-Bearstein to confer with their well-respected ruler regarding the Stagonian incursions. Patrols have been increased along the borders, and the Musketeers von Lintzer are reportedly mustering for service in case of incursions in further strength.

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