Sunday, July 29, 2007

Unit Profile: Garde du Corps Prinzessin Gertrude

Garde du Corps Prinzessin Gertrude
Inhaber: Prinzessin (Princess) Gertrude Blauerwolf
Commander: Oberstleutnant (Lt. Colonel) Milheiser
Depot: Engelburg
Battle honors:

Regimental standardMusketeer uniform

Grenadier uniformHussar uniform

When the decision to raise an army for Hesse-Engelburg was made, the very first to put personal finances behind the raising of a regiment was none other than Princess Getrude herself, eldest daughter of the Fürst and Fürstin. As is typical of royally maintained regiments, the Princess is herself the Inhaber of the regiment, but it is commanded in the field by Oberstleutnant Milheiser, formerly the second in command of the garrison of Schloß Blauerwolf itself. An unusual formation, its composition dictated by the Princess herself, the Garde du Corps Prinzessin Gertrude will field a mixed legion of infantry and cavalry of as yet uncertain size. Its depot is at Engelburg and its recruits mostly hail from Engelburg, Karlsdorf, and other towns and villages along the Schlafwasser river valley.

Unit Profile: "Eisen und Flamme" Artillery Battery

"Eisen und Flamme" Artillery Battery
Inhaber: Captain Steiger
Commander: Captain Steiger
Depot: Eisenbrückenstadt
Battle honors:

Artillerist uniform

Funded by the Steiger family, famed iron merchants of the city of Eisenbrückenstadt, this battery was the first artillery unit to form in Hesse-Engelburg. Most recruits for the battery are drawn from the mining families of Eisenhügel, rather than from Eisenbrückenstadt itself. The base for the unit is, however, Eisenbrückenstadt, and when not needed for field services its cannons are often mounted in the redoubt that guards the city gates.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Hesse-Engelburg General Order #17

By the direction of Their Graces, Guntram and Sieglinde Blauerwolf, rightful Fürst and Fürstin of this Principality, and with the full advice and unanimous agreement of the Fürstentumrat advising, the following directives are issued to the armed forces of the Principality of Hesse-Engelburg.

As of this twenty-fourth day of the year of our Lord 1757, the Principality of Hesse-Engelburg declares and acknowledges that a state of war exists with the Banat of Togaras in response to its bellicose declarations against this sovereign state. As a result of this state of war, and the continued state of war with the illegitimate and illegal rebellious organization calling itself the Bad Nachtschwein League, the following orders are issued:

All vessels, property, and persons owing allegiance to either of these governments presently within the borders of Hesse-Engelburg or entering its borders until such state of war is ended are to be immediately seized and held pending review by such tribunal as Their Graces shall appoint to differentiate between military, spy, and civilian, and between government and individual property. Military personnel shall be held as prisoners of war. Civilians pertaining to these governments who are found to have no subversive intent may be required to execute oaths of allegiance to Hesse-Engelburg to the satisfaction of the tribunal or be provided safe escort to the border of Hesse-Engelburg so that they may return to their respective lands of allegiance. Those found to have subversive intent shall be imprisoned or deported at the discretion of the tribunal. Any individual initiating armed resistance against such lawful actions may be met with armed force as deemed appropriate by the most senior individual present at the scene.

Signed this 24th day of July in the year of our Lord 1757,
Generalfeldmarshal Baron Ernst von Krimm
Commander in Chief

(see Emperor vs Elector blog for further details)

Friday, July 13, 2007

Unit Profile: Staff Officers

Staff Officers

While variations are more likely at the level of general officers, there is an established uniform intended for the wear of those officers on assignment to headquarters as well as general officers not directly attached to a regiment. The uniform combines the standard basalt gray of the line infantry with the azure blue of the Guards regiments.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Question about which units

Stokes commented on my last post to ask which unit I'd begin painting first.
I've still got the Lintzer musketeers "in progress". There's another 2 companies of figures that you don't see in that picture, plus a few odds and ends including one more artillery crew without a gun. While I lined up all the musketeers as one battalion, in reality two of the companies in the picture will be from some other regiment as there are two companies (give or take a couple of figures) on my painting desk.

*Possibly* the leftovers will start the Garde du Corps Prinzessin Getrude. It depends on whether I hit a comfort level in my painting to actually tackle the pink coats, since I'll have to mix paint for it and I'm not yet competent with just the single colors. :P The artillery pieces will likely be done up for the Eisen und Flamme battery, and of course you already know who the Hussars will be.

Then we'll see if by then I'm wealthy enough to afford more. My big goal is to get at least the Lintzer finished before the BIG Game in October, whether I manage to come to the Game or not. Now, if I really hit a stride, then I may try to get the artillery and the two squadrons of Hussars painted up too.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

New RSM95 Photos

Had a small delay in getting the full set of the figures, due to a mixup which DPC very nicely fixed in which a custom bag order was sent as a standard bag. The 5 figures switched have arrived, however, in their proper poses.

For your viewing pleasure:
1) Panoramic view of troops
2) A full musketeer battalion of 4 musketeer companies and 1 grenadier company.
3) Two artillery pieces, with crew and command, forming a mixed batter of one 6pdr and one 12pdr. Yes, there are some equipment items for the crew, but they're cast separate and not in place yet.
4) two squadrons of Austrian Hussar in Busby for the Fuchshöhle Hussars. I still need to find a good command figure for these.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Notes and Answers on the uniforms

to answer Jean-Louis' question, I haven't developed a cavalry standard yet. I believe Jeff has plans to work up a set of templates when he gets a chance, so I'll probably borrow whatever he does (with his permission of course) and develop mine then.

As for the Princess Getrude regiment, that has morphed since then into a small legion-style force of mixed cavalry and infantry, exact composition as yet undetermined. I do know it will have at least two companies of musketeers and probably at least one of grenadiers. I've done uniforms for both of these, but none for any cavalry yet. Being somewhat subject to the whims of the Princess, it may end up being somewhat like Kleist's Freikorps in having various formations of different troop types all under one banner. Which would be an interesting way of using up the odds and ends of spare troops as I go. :>

Have I missed any questions?