Sunday, September 9, 2007


I haven't posted in over a month here, but I promise I'm not dead. I've just been buried in work and other things the past few weeks, and wargaming has taken a backseat. I just started catching up on blogs a couple of days ago, with some 300 posts on my RSS reader, so I'm getting there. :>

Meanwhile, the only recent SYW-related activity is that I acquired a bagged set of all but one grenadier from a box of Revell SYW Prussian infantry off of Ebay for about $4. On that note, does anyone have a recommendation of a foot officer figure that could stand with a unit of Revell SYW Prussian infantry without looking odd? I can operate a battalion of these in my standard configuration if I do a 3-deep rank of firing poses, but the available poses leave me short 2 officers with spontoon and 2 foot officers with sword or cane.