Sunday, July 6, 2008

Figures Identified

Rich at DPC was kind enough to identify some of my mystery Ebay figures for me. The below photo shows some white-primed figures, and I'm listing their identifications:

1) S2-001 - French Officer Adv (There is a sword to put in his hand)
2) S2-101 - French Mounted General
3) S1-102 - English Mounted Aide
4) S7-006 Hanoverian Musketeer avancing

On #4, you can't see the pompom on his tricorn from this angle. If you have the same figure without the pompom, it's S1-008- English Hatman advancing.

So I have 2 French officers, 4 French generals, 2 English aides, and 11 Hanoverian musketeers. And also 2 additional Prussian officers with spontoon, which I was already familiar with of course. If someone is in desperate need of one or more of these items, let me know and we'll talk purchase or trade. Otherwise, it's on to figuring out how to properly integrate them into the army.