Thursday, March 29, 2007

von Platzen triumphs in volley competition

While commentators cautioned that current performance is not necessarily a predictor of future performance in these early stages of training, the von Platzen Grenadiers celebrated today after their victory over the von Lintzer Musketeers in a volley fire competition.

The competition was judged by Brig. Gen. Fritz von Hoptz of Saxe-Bearstein, presently on loan to Hesse-Engelburg to assist in training the new units. While some supporters of Colonel von Lintzer have made barely veiled suggestions of favoritism due to von Platzen having been the emissary to Saxe-Bearstein who arranged the loan of the Brigadier, Colonel von Lintzer himself has not been noted to have joined in the charges.

The competiton was held on farmland belonging to the crown, with the recruits of each regiment drawn up in firing line facing their target. The target for the von Lintzer regiment was the broad eastern side of the horse barn while the von Platzen regiment fired at the western side of the adjacent cattle barn. When both regiments proved capable of hitting the broad sides of their respective barns (albeit slightly more effectively on the Grenadiers' part), the competition moved on to the barn doors on the narrow north sides of both barns. Musketry proved much less effective for both units against the smaller target, with the von Lintzer regiment slightly outshooting the Grenadiers. The final round of the competition was decided by a bottle shooting contest between the best marksmen of each of the regiments, in which the Grenadiers' own Gefreiter (Corporal) Sontag beat out Gefreiter Berger of von Lintzer 7 to 5, gaining victory for von Platzen.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

First recruits signed up

Grauerhimmel News
March 17th

Paymaster Makes First Payroll

The newly appointed Paymaster of the army of Hesse-Engelburg has announced the payment of the first batch of promised sign-up bonuses for those responding to the call to enlist. Rumors abound as to which of the planned units will be on display at the first muster, and betting at the SiebenZiegen inn has been varied, with the odds favoring either the Grauerhimmel Fusiliers or Princess Gertrude's Own as the first unit to muster a full cadre.

There is no word yet as to when uniforms will be ready for any of the units, but it is expected that the muster will be made even in the absence of uniforms so that the cadets presently in training may display their martial formations to impress the populace.


Translation of the above to the real world: I've just today sent off an order for my first batch of RSM95 figures, and once they're here I hope to settle them into formation and get out the camera to record their arrival. We'll see how long delivery takes. Judging by the experience of others, I have good expectations for a speedy and accurate delivery.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Blank line posting problem solved

The problem I had on my Regimental Flags post, where there were multiple blank lines before the images appeared, has finally been solved with some rummaging on the Blogger help group.

If you use tables, you have to type the entire table as one continuous line of text, or ever time you hit the enter key to drop down a line and make your tags easier to read, it inserts another new line in the text which will end up getting inserted above the table.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

An Offer

I can't make promises as to how quickly I'll get it done, as I'm juggling a bunch of different projects from one day to the next, and graphics is one of those things that works best when I'm feeling artistic. But if some of my fellow SYW states are interested in a coat of arms, I'm open to doing one or two. I use a set of heraldry clipart that I purchased a few years ago, and my actual artistic abilities are limited, so I'll have to look at requests on a case by case basis to see whether I have what's needed to craft it for you. But I'd be interested in trying one or two.

Jeff/Saxe-Bearstein, if you want a bear and stag like my blue wolf for your flags, toss me a copy of one of each of your flags without the central emblem and I'll see what I can cook up. I won't be offended if you aren't interested, though.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Letter to Stollen, March 10th

TO: Herr Rastus-Uwe Georg von Gebogenius an der Pickelhaube, Minister of Trade
Grand Duchy of Stollen

March 10th, 1768

Herr Trade Minister,

Baroness von Krimm has refered to me your letter of the 3rd, so that we may begin establishment of proper trade facilities between our two countries. This letter should accompany an initial good faith shipment of our dairy products, including a sampling of curds and whey as requested. You will find a sampling from the excellent Swiss brown, however there is also a sampling from our own brown cows, of the Schokolade Engel breed, a unique example of our agricultural progress. We are amply able to supply the Grand Duke with produce of either breed, or both.

(editor's note: Schokolade Engel translates to 'chocolate angels')

Accompanying the shipment should be a small wagonload of Dragoons to seek proper mounts. If additional dairy products are required in trade for mounts, you may make negotiations with Major Rudel, who will again be accompany the new shipment.

I myself hope to visit your Duchy quite soon, once I have put a few matters in order here. On a more personal note, I might add that the Baroness was someone miffed at being referenced simply as Ms., and recommend that future correspondence be careful to emphasize her noble title, as she comes of a proud lineage and is a close relation of Her Grace Sieglinde.

Best regards,

Count Sepp von Sichel
Trade Minister

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Yet Another SYW Country

Newly added this morning is the Landgraviate of Hesse-Fedora.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Another SYW country

Newly added to my list of other SYW countries is Pils Holstein.

Some beautiful work there, well worth the look.