Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A picture

Only one as of yet, because I didn't like how any of them came out, really, and ALSO because I actually got another hour in this weekend. This is the picture taken after the first batch. I've not taken pictures of the most recent work, as I'm hoping to do a little more on it yet while I've a little bit of the mood for it.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Playing with Paints

Yesterday saw me actually spend the better part of an hour playing with paints. I gave the Lord a vote of thanks afterwards, for it's rare for me to actually sit and enjoy painting. But yesterday, I had a fun and felt accomplished afterwards.

Total output:

1) One building now has a brown thatch roof. I may change the color later. Perhaps try some of the sage green paint.
2) The Furst has added to his purple coat with a blue waistcoat and blue lapels. Next session, however, I shall keep the blue waistcoat but turn his lapels and cuffs red.
2) The Furstin now has a blue dress.
3) The black-primed and white-primed Minden Miniatures musketeers now both have blue coat and trousers.
4) One WW2 British officer now has brown helmet and uniform.
5) The other seven Mindens, including the officer and NCO, are now black-primed and ready.
6) I have painted skin on the other 8 RSM95 figures for my first company.

If by some miracle I manage to conduct sufficient painting sessions to finish what I've started, I'd have a royal couple, two companies of infantry, and a company of pioneers.