Saturday, December 27, 2008

Holiday Wargaming Updates

Those of you watching the Grand Duchy of Stollen blog will see that we're finally getting underway again on finishing move 8. If all goes well, we should be through with move 8 tonight, and starting move 9 perhaps tomorrow.

My birthday brought me a couple of items of wargaming significance, namely a styrofoam cutting tool and a batch of styrofoam to cut with it in order to form some hills for my gaming. If I get good with the tool, attempts at bunkers or other shapes may be forthcoming, we shall see.

Having waited till after Christmas to be sure it was not purchased off my wish list, I have also now ordered a bottle of Liquitex black acrylic gesso. The white has worked well for me so far, in terms of the gesso's properties, but having watched Stokes' work I've decided to try the black shade to see if that makes a difference in my painting. My hope is that it will alleviate some of the need to attempt to hunt down tiny specks of white that manage to evade paint by leaving tiny specks of black instead, which are hopefully less glaring a mistake.

I also took the opportunity to acquire a bit of extra paint on my last trip to Wal-Mart. I've added Apple Barrel 20526 Country Grey, and three colors from Folk Art: 425 Medium Gray, 419 Teddy Bear Tan, and 420 Linen. I actually have my ACW and WW2 figures more in mind with these colors, though they may find some use with the ImagiNations as well. I am particularly interested to see how the Linen color turns out.

I also received an Amazon gift certificate for my birthday, as well as winning a smaller one in a prize drawing, so I've spent the past few days pondering different Amazon order possibilities. Today I finally committed to a final list and submitted. Of wargaming interest on the list are "Wargames Tactics" by Charles Grant and "German Generals Speak" by B.H. Liddell Hart, the latter being postwar interviews with WW2 German Generals which I hope will be very interesting. One item that will probably not have wargaming implications.....but a fiction novel. "Uncle Target" by Gavin Lyall. I'm looking forward to seeing what it's like, as I've not read any of his fiction before. Hopefully it's as well written as his wargaming book.

My birthday also brought me the computer game Medal of Honor: Airborne. So far, I botched all three training landings, died landing on my first combat jump, face-planted into a firefight but didn't die on my second, and actually managed to land on a roof within a few yards of my landing zone on the third. It's a race whether I figure out how to jump before I finish the game.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to each of my readers, and may God richly bless you and your families both in this holiday and in the coming year. Thank you for your support.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Increasing the Fleet

Because I have a tendency to bounce around from thing to thing (not that you'll have noticed that ;> ), I've had a craving for a bit of naval gaming recently. I thought perhaps to get some 1/6000 scale ships and do some WWI naval gaming, with Barry Carter's rules, but the pricing on them was disheartening at present. It would take at least $100 to really get good in on them, I think.

Instead, I'm looking at the age of sail using the ships and rules from the Wizkids Pirates line. I've been doing Ebay buying, courtesy in part to a coupon or two and finding a vendor with very reasonable prices. I had some of these already, but I'd damaged two of them by breaking a mast during assembly. Since masts are critical to the game engine, this was a bit of a hindrance. But once I found a very cheap vendor, I decided I might as well just buy a replacement copy of each ship.

Altogether, once the latest purchases arrive, I should have about 30 ships and a sea monster. Because I've watched 20,000 Leagues under the Sea (several versions) too many times not to get a giant squid. I expect to see a Hesse-Engelburg fleet engage an enemy (but probably not a squid) perhaps as early as this weekend, depending how fast the new ships arrive.

Thus the dilemma...whom should they fight? Bad Nachtschwein is the obvious choice, but I'm tempted to mount another sea expedition of some sort. I might even talk myself into acquiring a few ships from the Barbary Coast line and dropping in a small battle line to attack the Ottoman-allied vessels currently making depradations on the Mediterranean coast. We'll see.

Monday, December 1, 2008

The Spoon Theory

This has nothing to do with wargaming. But if you've got a person in your life who's elderly or living with illness, or if you're that person, you need to read this. The Spoon Theory. Even if you're not that person and don't know any, there's something worthwhile in there.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Items for Sale or Trade

I've posted a list of things I'm trying to sell or trade, including several 18th century ones, and a good bit of other stuff, over on the Snickering Corpses blog. to go to the exact post.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Game in Progress!

Just on the off chance that someone's not watching it, the game has begun over on the Grand Duchy of Stollen blog, with frequent updates:

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Revising RSM Cavalry Again

After further checking, I've learned I was incorrect. The OG command pack includes 3 sets of officer, trumpeter, and standard, but only 1 NCO with pistol. So we're back to the drawing board again.

Meanwhile, there's some info on various Hussar command packs in the comments on the last posting.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

RSM Cavalry Revision

I've refigured things since I posted about what my options were on the RSM Cavalry, and have realized that I actually don't need 1 bag of Hussars plus extras to make up 3 squadrons with the figures I have now. I had forgotten that the Old Glory command packs (which I'm not really fond of, but am using because it'd cost $40 or so to replace them) include an NCO with pistol, so if I used that figure as well as the officer/trumpeter/standard then I can make up 3 12-figure squadrons with just one more bag of the Hussars. 8 RSM Hussars plus the OG command pack per squadron.

I also have a single Sash & Saber NCO with pistol that was sent as a sample. I really love the sculpt, but I can't justify paying over $12 for a 4-figure set right now to replace the OGs. This will likely end up as an aide/guard for a command stand instead.

Needed Revell SYW Infantry

In the vein of reviewing what figures I have and need, I've totaled up what I definitely need in terms of Revell infantry figures to fill out the ranks of units that I've set aside currently.

Austrians needed
4 foot officers
2 drummers
2 charging grenadiers

Prussians needed
4 officers
4 drummers

Optional Austrians
8 additional foot officers
(only if I decided to replace the NCOs with officers in the companies)
2-3 mounted officers
6 Pioneers

Optional Prussians
14 charging grenadiers
40 stand and fire
4 or more marching (with extra officers at a 1-8 ratio if I do more than 4).

Right now, my Prussian musketeer battalions are using 2 ranks of the kneeling figures because I didn't have any standing firing ones, so it'd be nice to replace the middle rank with the standing firing. I have 8 from a box bought since then, so the additional 40 would give me enough to replace them all.

If I fill out the missing ranks, I should have:

1 Austrian musketeer battalion
1 Austrian grenadier battalion
2 Austrian pioneer companies
1 Prussian grenadier battalion
4 Prussian musketeer battalions
1 or more Prussian musketeer companies (marching figures)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Basing and other fun things

About time for another wargaming update.

Plans continue back and forth via email with Stokes Schwartz for our game at the end of this month, fighting a slightly modified version of Charles S. Grant's Tabletop Teaser from Battlegames magazine issue 14. For those who haven't kept up with the details, Stokes will be supplying forces and table, and I will be commanding the troops of the Zichenau invaders remotely by email, with Stokes providing photographs and info of the battle each turn. I'm really looking forward to it. I've already written up my order of battle and initial orders, which Stokes will receive shortly before the game begins, after he's had time to select his own force. Neither of us will know the other's composition until the game begins.

The mailman has been helpfully delivering items since my last post, including another batch of Litko bases for my cavalry, and some more purple heart markers and mini smoke markers also from Litko. Also delivered were a small set of the new metal Spencer Smiths to finish out my troops on hand. Besides a few stray officers (two of which are even now being painted up by Stokes to command our forces in the game), my organization now provides a full 61-figure battalion of musketeer figures organized according to BAR's template, a 43-figure grenadier battalion organized on my own template, and a 12-figure cavalry squadron.

I also made my first attempt at assembling some of the movement bases that were delivered from Litko earlier. They fit very well, and I'm quite pleased, though I might have a go at finding a cheaper solution to be kind to the wargaming budget. At $5 or so a piece, they're not a bad price, but they do add up fast when you need 5-7 of them for a battalion. :>

I'm also pondering trying some black gesso as a basecoat, to see whether I like it or not.

Wal-mart has provided me with a half-dozen $1 porcelain Christmas buildings, which are a little larger than the 15mm J&R buildings, but perhaps still usable especially if I don't combine them in the same town. At any rate, the price was unrefusable. Home Depot also has contributed, with a bag of 21 flocked miniature trees for about $6-7. Five of them were too big for my purposes, but the other 16 should be quite usable. Not a bad price even for 16 trees.

Monday, November 3, 2008

More News

I was going to have pictures posted last night, but the card reader didn't want to acknowledge that there were photos on the card. This morning, after unplugging it and plugging it back in, it finally admitted that I'd taken photos.

I had some big plans for yesterday, but they didn't turn out as I'd intended them. I was going to play a WW2 game using one of Charles S. Grant's tabletop teasers. This is not the same teaster stokes and I are using (more on that later). However, once I started looking at the troops I'd need for it, I realized I need to do more maintenance work before I can field them. My WW2 figures are unpainted plastic, but that wasn't the stopper. The stopper was that far too many of them still have to have the stubs of sprue cut off their bases so they can stand up.

So, instead, I ended up spending (besides more time online) some quality time with basing for the SYW figures. I repaired the bases on 10 of the Spencer Smith figures that had come unglued in shipping, and then proceeded to apply Litko bases to 6 that didn't have any bases, including 4 of the unpainted ones. Once I receive the new metal SSMs I ordered and get them on the same bases, I'll have the full battalion of SSMs based.

I also took my one sample SSM grenadier and the one Minden musketeer that I've had on my workbench and put them on Litko bases to see how they fit. I think the consistent basing will help the Mindens look that much better next to the other figures.

After that, I tried out basing one WW2 figure on a 3/4 inch round base from Litko, which I have 50 or more of that I received from a fellow gamer who'd changed his mind about what bases to use. Still haven't decided if I'm going to stick with it, but while doing this I had a sudden idea, and dug out some of my Revell plastic SYW figures. By gluing the figure on one of these thick 3/4 rounds, then gluing that onto my standard 1x1 square base, it produces a consistent footprint AND erases much of the height difference. While the 3/4 round is rather obvious in its thickness, I think the benefit in terms of making the heights more consistent is sufficient boon. So I based two 6-man companies of Austrian pioneers this way.

If you examine the photo below (click it to enlarge), you can see all of the above, with a RSM figure stuck in the center to show the height comparisons. Additionally, I glued together a 15mm paper cottage. I'm not sure where I got the original for that, but I believe it was a free sample from a producer of paper building designs. If I can dig up the original again, I may make more.

On the upcoming agenda, besides some more basing, is putting together my custom movement trays from Litko, which arrived last week. More photos to come when that's done.

Those of you who read the Grand Duchy of Stollen blog will know that he and I are preparing to play a game by email/blog in the latter part of November. We'll be using one of Charles S. Grant's tabletop teasers, and the game will be laid out in Stokes' wargame rule with myself issuing commands from afar based on photographs. I will be taking the role of the invading Electorate of Zichenau forces.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Basing and a Church

A big thank you to the gentlemen of the Old School Wargaming and Society of the Daisy lists for their contributions on basing. The vast majority recommended ordinary white glue for attaching all sorts of figures to bases, so yesterday and today I spent some time with my Litko bases attaching the figures for the Lintzer Musketeers to the 1"x1" bases with Elmer's "Glue All" white glue. I was also able to get the roof paint on the JR Miniatures church. All it will need now is windows and some touch-up work where paint has overlapped its areas. Photos below, as always click for a larger view.

First, a photo of the battalion fully based. You can see the partly painted first company on the right of the photo, and the grenadier company on the left of it. All figures by RSM95. The final frontage of the battalion is a whopping 17 inches with a total of 51 figures in 3 ranks. The battalion has 4 companies of 8 musketeers and one officer, a grenadier company of 8 grenadiers and one officer, and a central flag group of 2 standard bearers, 2 musketeers, 1 drummer, and 1 officer.

Next, a photo of the church with its red roof. However, I would note that the actual roof color is darker than this photo, as the flash seems to have brightened it considerably.

And lastly, the two together, giving a sense of the scale of the 15mm JR Miniatures buildings next to a big battalion of the RSM95s.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Figure Ponderings and other things

Firstly, the 100 1"x1" Litko bases have arrived. I hope to get some time to tinker with them by this weekend. We shall see!

Meanwhile, I'm expecting another small cash infusion, so I'm pondering some figure purchase options and am up for some advice. Stokes from the Grand Duchy of Stollen is currently pondering heavy cavalry options. I, in my turn, am currently pondering cavalry also, but not exclusively so. Nevertheless, let us discuss cavalry first.

My intended organization for cavalry squadrons is 1 officer, 1 standard, 1 musician, and 9 other ranks. I currently have the following:

Hussars - RSM95: 12 "other ranks", Old Glory 3 command sets: 1 officer, 1 standard, 1 musician, 1 man with pistol (NCO?).
Cuirassiers - RSM: 1 officer, 1 standard, 1 trumpeter, 9 other ranks.
Dragoons - a mixed bag of Spencer Smith plastics, including one officer and I think 11 others mingling dragoons and the "aide" with his sword pointed straight up. I have no difficulties painting all these as a dragoon regiment.

Options I'm pondering:

A) 1 bag of 12 RSM95 Prussian Dragoons - $22.20.
B) 1 bag of 12 RSM95 Hussars. - $22.20. This would give me two complete squadrons of Hussars and a portion of a third. I might ponder putting together enough funds to fill out the third.
C) 1 bag of 12 RSM95 Hanoverian Horse Grenadiers - $22.20. These are just a really tempting figure. You can see these on the November 4th posts at the Saxe-Bearstein blog:
D) 1 bag of 12 Scruby ?? - $26.75 (counting $5 shipping). I'm tempted by the Saxon Dragoon in Fusilier Cap 3539C, or the Shaumburg-Lippe Karbineer 3530C. For an officer, I supposed I'd have to use the Dragoon in Tricorn 3511C? Does Scruby have musicians? Are these molded with their weapons in hand, or separate weapons? I'm guessing the former.

I also need 6 horses, for the RSM95 French General and English Aide figures I received off of Ebay, and 2 swords for the RSM95 French Officers (foot).

Other foot options:
RSM95 Hanoverians - I need about 30 figures to complete a battalion of these from the stray figures I received from Ebay. A 36-figure bag is $27.00. RSM is usually very nice about letting me customize a bag, so I could probably modify a Hanoverian bag with the right figure mix and an extra 6 foot figures.

RSM95 Highlanders - I currently have 6 standing firing poses, and 12 kneeling firing poses. I've debated how to handle these figures for a firing line. The only other pose of "other ranks" RSM makes is a marching pose. Would the marching pose work as a third rank for a normal 3-rank deployment? Or is that going to look silly and I should settle for a long two-rank firing line instead? Thoughts? If I did a 2-rank firing line, I'd probably go with 4 12-man companies, plus a 6-man command group. So I'd need another 36 figures precisely, for $27.00.

RSM95 Prussian Musketeers - I need a total of 45 figures to finish out a second Prussian Musketeer Battalion from the figures I have at hand. Assuming I was able to start with an infantry bag, this would cost me a total of $34.65

Scruby Jagers - Another option I considered was to build a battalion of jagers with Scruby figures. This would take 3 bags of 12 foot and 1 bag of 6 foot, giving me a total of 42 figures for $33.25 counting $7 postage.

Opinions from the gentlemen of the mess? Whatever I do, I can only afford to do one of the above options at present.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Opening the Sacred Tome....

A grandiose title for this one, but I must admit to there being quite the feeling of reverence mixed with euphoria yesterday as I opened for the first time my own copy of "The War Game" by Charles Grant. This is the original first edition printing, not the recent reprint with reorganizations and additions by his son Charles Stuart.

I spent what time I could yesterday going through the book, skimming some sections and reading others, and especially perusing the pictures. Even in black and white there's lots to love. I find myself wanting to get out the Battlegames issue with the Mollwitz refight and see how many units I can identify from the black and white to their color version in Battlegames.

This shall surely have a pride of place upon my shelf alongside Charge!. Next on the agenda (Christmas list perhaps) is "Programmed Wargames Scenarios". Perhaps followed by Charles Stuart Grant's "The War Game Companion".

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

On the Workbench

If you check my main wargaming blog,, you can see what I've currently got on the painting and assembly workbench.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Waiting for More Stuff Too

I decided to jump while the cash was in hand, and order some basing supplies from Litko. Got an excellent responsiveness from them on an inquiry about custom movement tray sizes, so I am now awaiting the arrival of two separate orders.

1) 100 1"x1" bases. These are what the Spencer Smith figures came on (though in metal) and they seem suitable for most of the variety of figure shapes that I have in 25-30mm metal, so I decided to buy a set of them. This should be enough to base my RSM95 battalion, plus 40-odd leftovers which I shall later decide what to do with.

2) A set of custom movement trays to enable me to put my first RSM95 battalion in movement trays, as well as 4 companies of the Spencer Smith figures. Also in this order is a set of purple heart markers from Jim's Lab. He had the red life markers, and I put in a comment suggesting purple ones as another useful color, and they're already up there.

Shouldn't be a lot more buying after this, as I'm about tapped out. :>

My hope, though, is that being able to base the figures will do a couple of things for me. Firstly, I'm hoping that sticking the RSMs on their bases, even bare metal on bare wood, will inspire more painting work. The other is that I'm also hoping that having them based and on movement trays will make it easier to put together a small battle, since I can push the movement trays around rather than heaps of individual figures. Makes the movement faster while not sacrificing the individual basing.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Waiting for Grant

Having gotten paid for something, and discovered online a copy of the original "The War Game" for only $3 more than I could get the reprint for, rather than the $30+ more that it usually is, I grabbed for it. So, Lord willing, this week shall see the arrival of Grant's "The Wargame" in my mailbox from a small bookseller in Oregon.

Is it here yet?

Battling from Afar

As some of you may have read already on Stokes' blog, Stokes Schwartz of the Grand Duchy of Stollen and I are plotting to play out a game by email and blog, with Stokes hosting the table and myself commanding one of the forces remotely. We're currently hashing out details, but the scenario played will be Charles S. Grant's Teaser from Issue #14 of Battlegames magazine.

If you've not got a subscription to Battlegames and you're reading this blog, you should. You can either order it direct from or if in the US, you can get it slightly cheaper from On Military Matters ( The one caveat for ordering from OMM, which is the route I went, is that you'll get yours a week or two later than those who ordered direct got theirs, since OMM has to receive them from the UK and then turn around and send them to you. Provided you can survive that period of envious waiting while everyone else tells you how good it is, OMM's a good option.

Monday, September 22, 2008

A Ponder

Suppose you had available, or soon to be available, the funds for either a copy of Charles Grant's "The Wargame" (or perhaps his programmed scenarios book), or a new battalion/squadron for your ImagiNation troops, but not both. Which would you choose?

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Grant and Grant

In my newest book acquisition, Terry Wise's Introduction to Battle Gaming, there's a fine photo of Charles Grant Sr. and his son Charles S. in their wargaming room, which I display below for the edification of fellow gamers.

I'd never seen the book before, but I quite recommend it. It's well worth an addition to the library.

AWI Eye Candy

Stokes, you must check out this first one if you've not seen it recently. :)

Will's rules for the American War of Independence - Recent postings (look for August 2008 and scroll back) have bunches of lovely eye candy using 1/72 plastic figures, including some very nice conversions. He does some interesting things with the ever over-abundant Airfix British Grenadiers involving mostly shaving down the bearskin to other forms of hat to create new troop types. If you haven't thought plastic figures could look good enough, take a look. He might surprise you.

Tarleton's Quarter - Here, the eye candy is 25-30mm metal instead, but also gorgeous. Most units are organized for the British Grenadier rules (the AWI version of General de Brigade). Beautifully painted and lots of different units to admire. He's especially fond of Perry sculpts, though other manufacturers turn up here and there as well.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Skinning the Minden

I managed to get in about 10 minutes with paints again, and you'll find on all three of my blogs (here, Snickering Corpses, and Ober-Schweinsberg) the fruits of my labors. Below is the first skin-colored paint on a Minden Miniatures Prussian musketeer. As usual, clicking on the photo will zoom in. While I won't claim any of my painting attempts to be easy, I do have to say that this first bit of paint was easier than I expected on this figure. It's far from perfect, but I'm reasonably pleased with it so far.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Major Rudel's Report

A letter delivered by a fast-riding courier to Hesse-Engelburg army headquarters.

Report of Major Rudel regarding the recent Stollenian venture. Having arrived in the Stollenian capital, we found ourselves unable to obtain an audience with the Grand Duke in the busy state of the palace, and so wintered upon the grounds of the palace until we were able to obtain audience with a minor minister of the Grand Duke. Doubtless news has reached you already of the invasion by the Electorate of Zichenau. We have observed the battles from afar, and I regret to report that the forces of Stollen have suffered two consecutive defeats on the battlefield, and the capital is currently being evacuated.

I confess to some puzzlement regarding the conduct of the most recent battle. Reliable accounts are of course limited in nature with the chaos currently underway, but a discussion by one of my command with a survivor of the von Laurenz regiment indicated a distinct lack of effective musketry on the part of this battalion, and made it to appear that this sole battalion was charged with holding off almost the entire Zichenauer force without adequate support. The soldier further claimed that his company and their supporting company were drawn up in the open in canister range of a Zichenauer battery and subjected to terrible casualties, while their remaining company was subjected to a brutal fusilade from a Zichenauer grenadier regiment known as the Newts.

While it is the nature of most soldiers to credit their regiment with the worst of the fighting, the apparent corroboration offered by a lack of significant casualty reports from any other battalion engaged leaves me to wonder at the training and cooperation standards of the Stollenian army. It is possible that the offer of Hauptmann Sontag to the Grand Duchy to assist in training their forces might be of some efficacy after his great success in the training of the militia of Tipplebruder.

In the meantime, having judged my mission here to be largely complete if not entirely satisfactory, I have sent off this missive and ordered my command to break camp and we are returning home by a circuitous route to avoid any collision with the advancing forces of Zichenau. I have taken the liberty of leaving one Hussar behind to monitor future events in case of matters of urgency, and secured to him the future service of the same courier to whom I am committing this message.

Respectfully yours,

Major Rudel
Stollenian Service Detachment

Monday, August 11, 2008

A book being read...

I've only read pieces of this one, but it seems an interesting backgrounder:
Europe in the Eighteenth Century 1713-1783 by M. S. Anderson. It's part of the "A General History of Europe Series" and publishedby Holt, Rinehard, and Winston in 1961. The bit that I've read so far is well written, and a nice overview of the period.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Figures Identified

Rich at DPC was kind enough to identify some of my mystery Ebay figures for me. The below photo shows some white-primed figures, and I'm listing their identifications:

1) S2-001 - French Officer Adv (There is a sword to put in his hand)
2) S2-101 - French Mounted General
3) S1-102 - English Mounted Aide
4) S7-006 Hanoverian Musketeer avancing

On #4, you can't see the pompom on his tricorn from this angle. If you have the same figure without the pompom, it's S1-008- English Hatman advancing.

So I have 2 French officers, 4 French generals, 2 English aides, and 11 Hanoverian musketeers. And also 2 additional Prussian officers with spontoon, which I was already familiar with of course. If someone is in desperate need of one or more of these items, let me know and we'll talk purchase or trade. Otherwise, it's on to figuring out how to properly integrate them into the army.

Monday, June 30, 2008

In Progress Photo

A couple of you had requested pictures of my latest project. If you'll click on over to the Landgraviate of Ober-Schweinsberg blog, I've posted 3 views of my first test figure with the SSM plastic grenadier.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tiny Progress

There is now a single Spencer Smith plastic grenadier with a coat of white gesso base, and a yellow coat and vague resemblance of the bag of his cap in the same color. Also, a brown musket.

Now, I realize this is painting him totally out of keeping with general consensus of working from the skin out, but I wanted to see how the yellow would cover, as it's a different yellow than the one that failed so badly on the Lintzer cuffs and lapels. This one's Delta Ceramcoat, and it did very well on this initial test.

Given the rough nature of the Spencer Smith casts, one has to kind of guess at where some things should go, so I suspect I may continue painting out of order, touching things up until it looks right to me. Next up is probably the black facings and black of the bearskin and boots. I'm still debating trouser color.

Oh yes, it occurs to me I've not identified which unit, for which Jean-Louis will surely be agitated. Much as I hate to give such venerable figures to the enemy, I have decided to use the Spencer Smith grenadiers for the Gebuhren Eber Grenadiers of the Bad Nachtschwein League. Since my Hesse-Engelburg grenadiers are not in bearskins, they wouldn't really be useful there, so I gave them to the BNL so they can get onto the table against my H-E troops in time. Rest assured, dear reader, that the venerable Spencer Smiths are not unrepresented on the Hesse-Engelburg side, since the painted regiment of marching musketeers photographed a few months ago are going to be the Hesse-Engelburg marines. Which means, yes, that the current rumors of war may result in Spencer Smith vs Spencer Smith upon my table at some point.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Bad Nachtschwein Threatened

Rumor out of the Landgraviate of Ober-Schweinsberg suggests that the squadron of Hesse-Engelburg ships last seen off the Shetlands has appeared suddenly on the river approaches near Bad Nachtschwein, and begun landing troops to threaten the capital of the Bad Nachtschwein League and its surrounding towns. It would appear the spring campaign season is opening....

Saturday, June 14, 2008

New Arrivals!

A long delayed package has arrived at my home, thanks to the generosity of a fellow wargamer who was thinning his collection. The same gentleman from whom I bought the earlier Spencer Smiths has turned up a large batch of unpainted ones. Photos to follow, of the SSMs as well as the Minot and RSM figures also included in the lot. As usual, click on a photo for a larger view.

First up, we have a batch of Spencer Smith grenadiers, complete with a pair of drummers and a mounted officer. I actually need 1-3 more of these to finish off this battalion properly.

Next, we have a "cavalry squadron" formed of a mixture of 1 Mounted Officer, 5 Dragoons, and 8 Charging Aide-de-Camp figures. There are a half dozen total mounted officers, one of whom will be joining my existing Musketeers probably, and the last few are undetermined.

Next up, we have a batch from Barry Minot's AWI range in plastic, a mixed handful of figures comprising 3 light infantry, 2 Highlanders, and 2 regulars.

Also from Barry Minot's AWI range is a group of 16 British Grenadiers, who will hopefully find some useful service to perform.

And lastly, we have yet another group of RSM95 figures. I'm guessing these are the firing versions of the Austrian Grenadier, but can anyone confirm?

Sunday, May 25, 2008

A thought on origins

I've been pondering on an origination for Hesse-Engelburg, and have some ideas to run past people for suggestion.

I'm thinking perhaps it was once owned by one of the minor Hessian lines, but at some prior point that line rebelled against the Holy Roman Emperor, and the Blauerwolf family, then perhaps a Knight or at most a Baron, were granted recognition as Furst of the territory for their support in the fight to overcome the Hessian rebel.

It's a loose framework, and I may change it significantly, but some folks with a more detailed knowledge of earlier European history could perhaps suggest whether this is reasonable, and what time period might work for there to be such a conflict?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Actual Painting!

Amazingly enough, I actually did a minor bit of painting this weekend, and the universe failed to explode.

Saturday, I spent a few minutes priming one of the two buildings of the JR Miniatures 15mm #1663 Worker's Quarters set, one of Frank's Minden Miniatures Prussians (directly behind the painted building), and one Revell WW2 British Infantry all with white artist's gesso (front right).

The first RSM95s I primed, which you can see in the background, I slapped this on a bit too thick on some, making them more blobbish. So I went a little thinner on it this time, and used the brush to keep excess from pooling.

Sunday, I put a first coat of paint on the Revell figure and did a trial of a pink coat on one of the old RSMs (slightly left of center). But the main focus was painting the building, which you can see in the middle of the photo, next to the unprimed second building from the same set. I still need to do a little more on it, but I was surprised at how well it came out with simply an undercoat and three colors of paint. I need to touch up a few spots of missing paint and add a few more details, but it's quite usable even in this state, which amazed me.

(click for larger photo)

All of them were primed with Liquitex white acrylic gesso. The pink uniform is Delta Ceramcoat Painted Desert. The WW2 Tommy is wearing Delta Ceramcoat Autumn Brown. Paints used on the building were Vallejo Basalt Gray for the walls, Delta Ceramcoat Autumn Brown for the door, and Delta Ceramcoat Golden Brown for the thatched roof.

The box in which they rest was originally put together for my trials of the Plasti-Dip spray rubber as a primer. I've abandoned the Plasti-Dip for the gesso, but the box serves as a very nice portable paint booth, as it were, since I have no permanent space for them right now. It's hoped that as we finish re-arranging the basement, there will be an available work surface as well as an available gaming surface.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hesse-Engelburg Troop Dispositions

While precise dispositions of Hesse-Engleburg troops are in some places difficult to pin down, especially with new units forming, the following concentrations are known or believed to be in specific (or un-specific) locations.

1) Vergoldeten - 6 battalions of infantry under Generalmajor Count Manfred von Waffenschmidt are still believed to be wintering here, along with a few detachments of Hussars.
2) On the road from Tipplebruder - A mixed formation of musketeers, jager, and hussars are believed to be on the road back home from Tipplebruder now that the situation seems stable there.
3) Somewhere at sea - The Hesse-Engelburg squadron and troops under Ambassador Colonel Freidrick von Heiner are believed to be somewhere at sea still, on their way to....somewhere. Troops include over 500 men in uniforms resembling the Gallian marines, and a detachment of Garde du Corps Prinzessin Gertrude hussars.
4) Stollen - A small part of Garde du Corps Prinzessin Gertrude hussars under one Major Rudel have been camping on the lawn of the Grand Duke's palace through the winter, waiting for an audience.
5) Hesse-Engelburg - elements of at least 8 infantry regiments and at least 3 cavalry regiments are either active or forming, plus jagers and artillery.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Items for Sale

Have a few items I want to sell, to finance other things :> I also have, if you have alternate interests, a few 1976 coin sets, some Hot Wheels and similar cars (mostly 70s-forward), and a baseball card collection of mostly 80s/90s cards. If interested, contact me via this principality's name at snickeringcorpses dot com, and leave a comment that you've emailed me so I can look for it.

1) 35 unpainted Old Glory SYW Austrian Grenadiers - a mix of command
and other ranks, and a mix of the "Hungarian" and "German".

2) 15 unpainted Old Glory AWI/ARW British Grenadiers - 11 regulars, 1
officer, 1 drummer, 1 fifer, 1 standard bearer without pole

3) Osprey Men-at-Arms series:
b) #55 Napoleon's Dragoons and Lancers - 2005 edition, very clean,
Angus McBride illustrations
c) #64 Napoleon's Cuirassiers and Carabiniers - 2005 edition, very
clean, Angus McBride illustrations
d) #276 The Austrian Army 1740-80: 2 Infantry - 1994, Bill
Younghusband illustrations

4) Military and Naval History Journal - HMGS East:
a) Number 5, 1997
b) Number 9, April 1999
c) Number 10, July 1999

5) Reader's Digest Illustrated Story of WW2

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Sash & Saber Photos

For those who'd like to see more of the Sash & Saber figures, check out the early April 2008 posts from

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Photos and More Photos

Here's photos of some of my recent acquisitions as promised, including a few mystery poses of RSM off of Ebay. As always, click the photo for a larger view.

RSM95 Prussian Cuirassiers. Swords and flagpoles are separate. The two right front figures are intended to do dual duty as an officer and a standard bearer, depending which item you equip them with.

Individual poses of Minden Miniatures Prussians. (l to r) NCO, Musketeer, Officer.

And finally, I have a set of figures that I'm fairly sure are RSM95s, but I need help identifying which group and pose they are:

JR Miniatures 15mm Napoleonic Church, and 15mm Napoleonic Servant's Quarters

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Second Arrival

Photo to follow once I get a chance to take one, but Saturday's mail brought with it the arrival of a dozen Prussian Cuirassiers from RSM95. I really like them, although the twist on the officer/standard bearer figure looks a little uncomfortable. Eventually, I'll buy enough bags of these for a full regiment, as each bag gives me one squadron with officer, standard bearer, bugler, and 9 troopers. So it'll take 4 bags rather than 3.

Also, Friday's mail (I think) brough in the JR Miniatures buildings I mentioned in my earlier post. I'll try to get pictures of all of the above soon.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

First Arrival

Photo to follow once I dig up the camera again, but my order from Minden Miniatures has arrived. Lovely figures as expected!

Edit 03-24-2008: Photos as promised. The front left figure is the existing sample I already had. Front right is the Prussian Officer with Spontoon, and back left is the Prussian NCO. The rest are Prussian Musketeers.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Awaiting Reinforcements

I'm currently involved in that grand thing known as the waiting game, for new wargaming items to arrive. It'll probably be a couple of weeks for most of them.

I did recently receive a copy of Donald Featherstone's "War Games", which I haven't gotten around to reading more than a little of. This is partly due to time constraints and partly due to waiting for it to air out, as it smells heavily of perfume.

There's also a half-dozen or so other books all picked up for decent prices. Among them is the second edition of Duffy's "Army of Frederick the Great". There's some disagreement as to whether the first or second edition is better, so now I have both. ;) Also picked up an Osprey on the Austrian army of the SYW period, and one on the Confederate Army of the American Civil War. A couple of others I don't have handy in memory. ;)

Additionally, I picked up from Stokes "They Died for Glory" Franco-Prussian War rules. I don't have any Franco-Prussian war figures at present, but the idea is tempting, and i also might see what needs to be modified to use them for my ACW figures.

But on to the expectations. I managed to sell a few wargaming items recently, and put the money made into financing a few new purchases. I'm waiting on several items to appear:

1) A company worth of Prussian figures from Minden Miniatures. The current exchange rate is painful, but Frank didn't mind a small order, so I've bought a company now and will gradually attempt to increase to a whole battalion when I can afford it. If the exchange rate doesn't shift dramatically, this should cost me between $130-150 all total over time. In comparison, I can form an RSM battalion to my organization for about $50, though if metal prices keep rising RSM is eventually going to have to raise their prices. Frank's figures are too lovely not to try to get some though.

2) A bag of RSM95 Prussian Cuirassiers. I'm looking forward to their arrival. Need some ideas, though, on the best way of attaching the swords/standards to hands. Solder them, glue them, what? I've never had to attach metal to metal before in anything too small for a bolt. ;) if I have the counts right, 3 bags of the Cuirassiers plus one extra each of an officer, standard bearer, and trumpeter will give me a full four squadrons. Of course, that's about $70 or so.

3) Somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 plastic Spencer Smiths, unpainted. Still waiting on these to ship.

4) Found some decently priced 15mm buildings. There's a ton I'd like but don't have the funds for. But I did pick up a church and a couple of "servants' quarters" buildings. Having buildings that are smaller than the troop scale doesn't bother me, as I operate with limited space anyway. I can appreciate the beauty of a properly scaled building, but it's not necessary to my enjoyment.

5) A friend found some spare parts to fix up the half a howitzer I have for my WW2 armies, and is sending that along with a couple of additional vehicles. An Opel command truck for my Germans, and parts to end up with either a tank or tank destroyer for my Americans.

And....I think that's everything. Not a bad lot of items. I need to sell some more stuff to keep financing. I'd like to get some Sash&Saber cavalry before the end of the month, as I really like the one sample hussar I have. But I need more funds first. I'd also like a few more buildings if those first two buys prove satisfactory.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Figure Comparison: Foot Officers

Next up in our series of comparison photos is foot officers. Click on the image for a zoomed view.

From left to right, the figures are:
  1. Airfix Washington's Army 1/72 plastic
  2. RSM95 Prussian Officer w/Cane 25mm
  3. RSM95 Prussian Officer w/Spontoon 25mm
  4. Old Glory SYW Austrian Grenadier officer 25mm
  5. Old Glory SYW Austrian Grenadier officer 25mm
  6. Old Glory SYW Austrian Grenadier officer 25mm
  7. Old Glory AWI British Grenadier officer 25mm
  8. Old Glory AWI British Grenadier officer 25mm
  9. Imperialist Miniatures WSS (possibly WAS) French Officer of Foot 25mm (FO-3)
  10. Hinchcliffe (Prussian) Von Kleist Officer (SYP13) 25mm
  11. Hinchcliffe (Austrian) German Infantry Officer Advancing 25mm (SYA21)
  12. Hinchcliffe (Austrian) Hungarian Officer Advancing 25mm (SYA9)
  13. Spencer Smith 30mm plastic (based on a US penny)

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Updated Figure Comparison: Infantry

As promised, here is a new figure comparison photo, to be followed hopefully by a few more. Click on the image for a zoomed view.

From left to right, the figures are:
  1. Airfix Washington's Army 1/72 plastic
  2. Airfix British Grenadiers 1/72 plastic
  3. Revell SYW Prussian Infantry 1/72 plastic
  4. Revell SYW Austrian Infantry 1/72 plastic
  5. RSM95 Prussian SYW Grenadier March Attack 25mm
  6. Sash & Saber Prussian SYW Grenadier Marching 25mm (YPSI6, I think)
  7. Spencer Smith 30mm plastic (based on a US penny)
  8. RSM95 Prussian SYW Musketeer March Attack 25mm
  9. Imperialist Miniatures French WSS (possibly WAS) Musketeer 25mm
  10. Minden Miniatures Prussian SYW Musketeer 1/56 scale
  11. Old Glory AWI British Grenadier 25mm
  12. Old Glory SYW Austrian Grenadier 25mm
  13. RSM95 French & Indian Wars Highlander 25mm
  14. Hinchcliffe AWI Minuteman Advancing (AW40) 25mm
  15. Hinchcliffe AWI Marine Advancing 25mm (X45)
  16. Hinchcliffe AWI Militia in Shirt Advancing 25mm (X43)
  17. Hinchcliffe AWI American Militia Advancing 25mm (AW41)

Friday, February 22, 2008

Recommendation: The Colonial Connection

Yesterday's mail brought a nice package of Hinchcliffe figures for incorporation into my armies. I bought them from The Colonial Connection, out of Williamsburg, VA. The owner, Eric Grosfils, is a very nice guy. Not only am I impressed with the figures, but I was most impressed with his service. Right now he's in progress of selling off his last Hinchcliffe stock, and going to a drop-shipping model with the manufacturer, where you can buy through him but Hinchliffe will ship the figures direct to you.

First off, I sent him a query regarding whether he had stock on hand to fill a figure order. It's important, if you order one of the items he still has in stock (it's noted in the PDF catalog he sends), to let him know whether you want him to finish an order off with the drop-shipped figures (which of course are not on sale), or only fill what he can from his existing stock. It turned out, he didn't have stock on hand to fill the quantity I wanted for a good bit of it, so I sent off a list of about 10 item numbers to ask his stock for, and he quickly got me back counts for them.

I finally ordered about 30 figures, with a mixture of 4 of this and 9 of that and 3 of the other, to form up a militia unit from various SYW and AWI poses, plus a couple of spare officers to use for unit variety. It turned out when he went to assemble the order that one of the ones I'd ordered 9 of, he only had 7 intact, plus three with broken bayonets. So he only charged me for the 7 intact, and sent the 3 that were missing bayonets free!

And I've saved the best for last. You actually don't pay him till you've received the figures. I can't name any other company that does that any more. Now, I can't say whether he does that with the drop shipped figures, since I didn't order any of those.

Prices for drop-shipped figures are rather higher than RSMs, but should be better than buying direct from Hinchcliffe, as he's able to apply his distributor's discount to them. His sale figures range from $0.50 to $0.75, for foot figures. Worth seeing if he has any left of what you're looking for.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Behind Schedule

Well, after a crazy busy work week, I didn't manage to get photos done or some other things I intended to do. But I haven't forgotten that I intended to put more comparison photos up. However, I got an opportunity to pick a few more figures up at very nice price, so I shall wait for them to arrive and add them to the comparisons.

Meanwhile, over on the Emperor vs Elector blog, a Hesse-Engelburg squadron is moving north off the English coast, possibly headed for Shetland....

Monday, January 28, 2008

New arrivals

Friday's mail and today's mail brought some new arrivals. Photos will be forthcoming later.

Friday: 1 pack of Old Glory Austrian Hussar with Busby command, 1 pack of Old Glory Austrian Generals.
Today: 2 sample figures from Sash & Saber. A Prussian marching grenadier, and a Prussian Hussar in Fur Cap. I really like the's a very nice casting, and makes me want more.

I should soon be posting a fresh set of size comparison shots.

Friday, January 18, 2008

More Imperialist Photos

Jeff requested some more photos of the Imperialist miniatures. You're right that they're not visible much online, as the maker has no online presence. I received my samples through the generosity of a fellow OSW list member. Pictures from side and rear follow. Pricing on the list I have is $1 for foot, $2.50 for mounted (includes horse), $6 for cannon. As always, click on the photo for a larger view.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Figure Comparisons

Stokes asked me for a comparison shot with Spencer Smith, RSM, and Revell SYW figures. While I had the camera out, I did a little more than that. As always, click on the photos for a larger view.

First up is the grand comparison photo of 18th century miniatures. From left to right, they are:
  1. Airfix 1/72 British Grenadier (AWI)
  2. Airfix 1/72 Washington's Army (AWI)
  3. Revell SYW Austrian Infantry (SYW)
  4. Revell SYW Prussian Infantry (SYW)
  5. Spencer Smith plastic (18thC)
  6. RSM95 Prussian Musketeer (SYW)
  7. Old Glory Austrian Grenadier (SYW)
  8. Minden Miniatures Prussian Musketeer (SYW)
  9. RSM95 Highlander (F&IW/SYW)
  10. Imperialist Miniatures French Musketeer (WSS)

Next, we have a group photo of the Imperialist Miniatures samples I received some months ago. They are, I believe, 25mm figures rather than 28/30, and are for the War of Spanish Succession rather than the Seven Years War. But they're gorgeous little figures, and only a little more expensive than RSMs. I've especially fallen in love with the French officer. From left to right, they are:
  1. F-01 French musketeer
  2. FO-11b French trooper of horse w/pistol, on Horse H3
  3. FO-3 French officer of foot
  4. F17 French drummer

Here we have a cavalry comparison, with the Imperialist French trooper between a RSM95 Prussian Mounted Officer on the left and RSM95 Prussian Hussar on the right. The size difference is rather glaringly obvious here. It's also a little odd looking for the Imperialist trooper to be unable to see over his horse's head. However, on a lark I switched figures and horses, and discovered that putting the RSM officer on the Imperialist horse, and vice versa, erased much of the immediate height difference between them. And both of them can see over their horse's heads.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Delightful Delivery!

Today's mail brought a bounty of items of interest for wargaming.

First off on our list is Battlegames magazine issue 10, which has taken a little while to make its way to my US seller, and thence to me. But as ever, it's well worth the wait. I'm already particularly intrigued by Henry Hyde's siege rules, and also by the Boxed Sets ideas put forth by Stuart Asquith. I'm pondering the possibility of taking some of Charles S. Grant's Tabletop Teasers and working them into WW2 scenarios and possibly other periods as well.

Next on the list is a new book, Panzer Commander, the memoirs of Colonel Hans von Luck. A German officer, von Luck served through a wide variety of World War 2's battefields, including a considerable amount of time under Rommel. I've already been captivated by some of the writing this evening, enough so that I'm rather later in posting this than I'd intended. :> And best of all, I received the book free. In theory at least. In practice, the cost of the book to me is the cost of shipping for a book I'm sending out for free to a different party. And all of this is occuring through a service called Bookmooch. The basic premise is that you list books you're willing to give away, getting one tenth of a point for each listing. For every book someone mooches from you, you get a full point. It costs one point to mooch a book from someone else.

The best, however, I have saved for last. I've been sitting upon a secret, waiting for the mail to finally deliver it, and it has at last arrived. In one of those random 'coincidences' that make you think perhaps God is just doing something nice for you and remember to say thank you, I found myself staring at a photo off of one of my online searches of a set of painted Spencer Smith plastics for sale. I sat with dread waiting for someone with deeper pockets to come in and snap them up before the deal closed, but that terrible fate was not to be. The deal was closed, the figures shipped, and I present to you the full array of over 60 figures. Two of the muskets are broken off at the shoulder, but that hardly matters to me. One can accept a little battle damage in such august old campaigners.

(click on a picture for a larger view - warning, huge files! I'll try to shrink them a bit later.)

Frontal view

View from above

Infantry close up

Artillery close up

My present thought is that these will likely form a Freikorps in Hesse-Engelburg service, but we shall see if I stick with that. They will certainly have their rightful place amongst the troops, at any rate.

There is a certain reverence which only the collector personality understands when one first unwraps an item of significance, recently acquired. These particular figures may never have been touched by the hand of a wargaming great, but one can see their brethren marching proudly at Mollwitz in Charles Grant's The Wargame, and feel a certain measure of awe to possess a set of figures perhaps even older than yourself.

There are some figures loose from their bases, and one or two missing bases. I took advantage of the latter to set one beside my RSM95 Musketeers, and was quite pleased to find that they are quite compatible in height. The Spencer Smith are slightly taller on close inspection, but near enough to be more than adequate when viewed together.

Monday, January 7, 2008

A Formal Proclamation

Whereas the recent unrest in the Landgraviate of Ober-Schweinsberg has caused great distress to the security and trade of the honorable Principality of Hesse-Engelburg, and having been provoked repeatedly by the illegal and immoral attacks of the self-proclaimed Bad Nachtschwein League, and agency of merchants in rebellion against their sovereign and rightful Lord and Landgrave whichever he may be, and whereas said League were known to be embarked upon an endeavor to invade, attack, and subjugate the peaceful city of Vergoldeten,

Be it known to all hearers that Their Graces, the Fürst and Fürstin Guntram and Sieglinde Blauerwolf, rightful rulers and sovereigns of this Principality of Hesse-Engelburg, have, with the agreement of Prince Arnold of Ober-Schweinsberg, undertaken to extend their protection to the citizens and lands of the city of Vergoldeten. In accordance with the wishes of Their Graces to ensure the free flow of huminatarian supplies and in accordance with the terms of said agreement, Their Graces do order and command that all manner of supply except weaponry shall be freely permitted to pass through Vergoldeten once inspected for contraband, save such supply as be destined for the rebellious towns of the Bad Nachtschwein League, the which shall remain under embargo for the duration of the state of war that presently exists with that body of rebellion.

Having extended their protection to the city and its surrounding district, Their Graces do declare and form the Barony of Vergoldeten and confer said title upon Brigadier Werner Heintzen, hereafter to be known as Baron Heintzen of Vergoldeten, in recognition of the key service provided by his brigade in the repulsing of the forces of the League from their attack on the city.

Be it also known that battle honors are accorded to the regiments of said brigade, namely the Sumpflöwen Musketeers and the Lintzer Musketeers, for their sterling performance in duty and honor to their sovereigns.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Lintzer Musketeers with purple facings

Here's a belated set of photos of a couple of the Lintzer musketeers in progress, switched to purple facings from yellow.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Reoriganization and other stuff

Yeah, I know, I keep reorganizing my unit structure in spite of not getting much of anything painted. But I've done it yet again, after looking for too long at Der Alte Fritz' battalions on his blog.

The short way of explaining the new organization would be to say that it's the same as the large generic battalion in BAR, but with one file cut off of every company. This means a total of 9 men per company, plus a six-man headquarters (officer, drummer, 2 standard bearers, 2 regulars). All in three ranks of course. This gives me a strength of 42 without the grenadier company, 51 with.

Which means, instead of being able to field 1.5 battalions of RSM figures, I can field 1 full battalion IF I acquire two more RSM Prussian Grenadiers. And have all of 8 extra figures left, most of them officers.

To go with this, I've decided to also use a 12 figure squadron formation, matching the one illustrated in BAR. This means a 3 squadron regiment would be only slightly less strong than a 4 company battalion.

To go with these new organizations, I finally got around to sorting through the Revell figures I received from a good wargaming friend. I may have to obtain some spares to fill out a handful of figures I'm short on, but I've now set aside 4 Prussian Musketeer Battalions (2 with grenadier companies, 2 without), 1 Prussian standing grenadier battalion, 1 Austrian composite grenadier battalion, and 1 Austrian Musketeer Battalion (with grenadier company). Also, 1 slightly over-strength Austrian pioneer company.

At a minimum, I need to add 3 Austrian officers, 2 Austrian drummers, 5 Prussian officers, and 5 Prussian drummers. Ideal would be to have an additional 2 Austrian charging grenadier, 18 Prussian charging grenadier, and 48 Prussian standing firing pose. It would sweeten the pot a little further if I had another 12 Austrian standing firing pose.

At present, my Prussian Musketeer battalion companies use 2 ranks of 3 kneeling, 1 rank of 3 reloading. My Austrian Musketeer battalion uses 1 rank of 3 kneeling, one rank of 3 biting cartridge, and one rank of 2 reloading and 1 grenadier NCO.

2007 Statistics

98 posts, 236 comments. Surprising to me really, how much activity there's been on here. I'm no longer sure how man total visitors there's been, due to having let the Neoworks account lapse by a day or two in the middle there.