Monday, January 19, 2009

A little bit of progress

It's hardly anything impressive, but I did manage a tiny bit of progress this weekend. Sadly, nothing from Stokes, but hopefully this week time shall be found to go forward.

Meanwhile, I managed to paint hair on 3 of the Revell Austrian Pioneers and paint an experimental brown on two axe handles of the same. My trouble with painting is that I'm perfectionistic enough to hate my mistakes, and too unskilled as of yet to not make them. So I get frustrated by my inability to control where the paint ends up to my liking.

I also painted 3 blanket rolls on the long-neglected 10mm ACW figures to use up more of the brown paint I'd put out.

And lastly, I took my Christmas present styrofoam cutter out of the package and tried it out for the first time. It works pretty nicely. It cuts quickly, though at first the fumes were a bit heady, that seemed to clear up after a few moments. Possibly once it got a coating of melted styrofoam that may have cut down on the scent.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

A January Start

The game with Stokes is on hold till the middle of next week while he and the Grand Duchess enjoy some skiing. So expect more on the Stollen blog the latter part of next week regarding the game.

Yesterday's mail brought me the ordered black gesso, and today I opened the bottle and gave it its first run. I've coated a company of 9 RSM Prussians and a pioneer company of 6 Revell Austrian figures with it this afternoon, and am waiting for them to dry. I've also glued the rest of the company of Minden figures on their bases, with an eye to possibly doing a bit of painting on them as well.

I'm torn, where the Mindens are concerned. On the one hand, they offer the chance of completing something small as I only have 9 of the figures. On the other, their detail is intimidating as one feels the need to do the beautiful figures justice. I suspect that I am going to end up aiming to do the Pioneers fairly early on, and see how things go from there.

My puzzle on the Pioneers is what to paint them as. I've been figuring on the Revells mostly forming units for Ober-Schweinsberg combatants, but I'm tempted to do a company of pioneers for Hesse-Engelburg, because they're such an interesting figure.