Monday, May 11, 2009

Yes, I Still Exist

I actually did a miniscule amount of painting yesterday. Mostly, I tried out a few paints acquired at Wal-Mart at least a month or two ago. I put a bit of flesh on a dozen or so figures, and despite it being early in the process, put some silver on several bayonet tips as I started out putting silver plates on the front of my pioneers and ended up with a lot of silver paint left over. I also painted the linen color on the back of the pioneers' aprons. Which means I'm gonna have to go back and repaint the backs of the legs. I'm also going to have to repaint a couple of faces where the silver paint got too far down on the faceplates.

Beyond that and occasional participation in Yahoo groups, about the only other thing I've done wargaming-wise is successfully sell a couple of books on Bartertown.