Wednesday, November 19, 2008

RSM Cavalry Revision

I've refigured things since I posted about what my options were on the RSM Cavalry, and have realized that I actually don't need 1 bag of Hussars plus extras to make up 3 squadrons with the figures I have now. I had forgotten that the Old Glory command packs (which I'm not really fond of, but am using because it'd cost $40 or so to replace them) include an NCO with pistol, so if I used that figure as well as the officer/trumpeter/standard then I can make up 3 12-figure squadrons with just one more bag of the Hussars. 8 RSM Hussars plus the OG command pack per squadron.

I also have a single Sash & Saber NCO with pistol that was sent as a sample. I really love the sculpt, but I can't justify paying over $12 for a 4-figure set right now to replace the OGs. This will likely end up as an aide/guard for a command stand instead.


A J said...

I have a similar problem, in that I need to find mounts plus command for a unit of hussars. Interesting that Old Glory has a command element. I may look into those.

Snickering Corpses said...

Hi AJ,

Here's some manufacturers that I know have command elements because I did some searching for replacements for the Old Glory ones. It's not a comprehensive list, I'm sure. Links below are US links where available.

1. Old Glory SYWA-13 Austrian Hussar Command (10 Figures - 1 Pistol-1 Standard Bearer (Add Weapon)-2 Sword Poses) - $35
2. Front Rank SYAC 14, SYAC 16, SYAC 15/19 (standard, trumpeter, and officer respectively. S-1 Horses separate) - $2.25 per figure, $3.25 per horse
3. Crusader Miniatures SYA121 Austrian Hussar Command (standard, officer, trumpeter, 3 horses) - $16.00
4. Sash and Saber YPSC1b Prussian Hussar Command in Fur Cap - $12.50

I know there are several other companies that have them, these are just ones I'd made a list of myself when searching.