Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Needed Revell SYW Infantry

In the vein of reviewing what figures I have and need, I've totaled up what I definitely need in terms of Revell infantry figures to fill out the ranks of units that I've set aside currently.

Austrians needed
4 foot officers
2 drummers
2 charging grenadiers

Prussians needed
4 officers
4 drummers

Optional Austrians
8 additional foot officers
(only if I decided to replace the NCOs with officers in the companies)
2-3 mounted officers
6 Pioneers

Optional Prussians
14 charging grenadiers
40 stand and fire
4 or more marching (with extra officers at a 1-8 ratio if I do more than 4).

Right now, my Prussian musketeer battalions are using 2 ranks of the kneeling figures because I didn't have any standing firing ones, so it'd be nice to replace the middle rank with the standing firing. I have 8 from a box bought since then, so the additional 40 would give me enough to replace them all.

If I fill out the missing ranks, I should have:

1 Austrian musketeer battalion
1 Austrian grenadier battalion
2 Austrian pioneer companies
1 Prussian grenadier battalion
4 Prussian musketeer battalions
1 or more Prussian musketeer companies (marching figures)

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