Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hat Feathers?

For a tricorn with a feathered top, what color would you make the feathers for a head of state? Should they be a plain white, or would gold or similar color be appropriate? Did they dye them in the 17th/18th centuries?


WSTKS-FM Worldwide said...

Hey there Jonathan,

Well, for an imaginary country, I imagine any color you might dream up would be perfectly acceptable. I'm fond of white, red, or yellow myself just because these colors contrast well with a black tricornered hat. The right shade of bright green might also look good.

Best Regards,


Prinz Geoffrey said...

Cavenderian blue might be very striking.

abdul666 said...

Historically on tricorns feathers were always white (no good dye by then?), but for the costume of a fictional character of yours *you* are the fashion designer, in no way restricted by such mundane precedent!
Probably a 'flashy', rather light color, for a striking contrast with the black tricorn?
I remember that metallics work specially well for the numerous feathers of the Mayas and Aztecs.
Of white feathers with tiny touchs of metallic gold? Not that any bird can really provide such, not even the white peacock, but... feathers can be painted even in our 'Real World'.

CWT said...

White seems most common in my mind's eye, from films, pictures, etc. Mind you, it's your call.

Also, the fact that the Luftberg army's uniform is white shouldn't be taken as any sort of lead...