Saturday, October 22, 2011

Whatever happened to....

....that guy?

Over two years since my last post, and that is primarily because there's been nothing really to report on the wargaming front. Wargaming still interests me, and I still pick up a book now and then, but my campaign has lain dormant these two years primarily because of the rise of free to play MMOs.

The MMO (massively multiplayer online game) was never a temptation for me in the days when each one required their monthly subscription free to play. I had no money for subscriptions. But then Lord of the Rings Online went to f2p (free to play) and suddenly I had a lore I love that was available to me to play in. And I tried it, loved it, and then convinced my parents to try it. And they both got involved. So now it's not only an individual activity but a family one. And then other games followed the lead, so now I have a half dozen or more games I can play for free.

I don't have anyone to wargame with, and lack the space in the house to set out a table and leave it up for playing out a solo game a couple of hours at a time. So the ability to fire up a game in 5 minutes and have players all over the world is currently trumping that. Although I do still have the dream of being wealthy enough to have a house with a dedicated wargame room someday!


tradgardmastare said...

Good to have you back here at EvE...
I do hope we will hear more about your gaming and an opportunity will present itself for gaming.What about appealing for gamers in the area or fighting your battles by proxy ?
best wishes

abdul666 said...

Glad to read that you enjoy gaming, even if in a different form!

Best wishes,