Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Unit Profile: Lintzer Musketeers

Lintzer Musketeers
Inhaber: Colonel Lintzer
Commander: Colonel Lintzer
Depot: Lintzhausen
Battle honors: Hirschtal, 1757

Regimental standardMusketeer uniformGrenadier uniform

The first unit entered upon the regular establishment, the Lintzer Musketeers are owned by Colonel Lintzer, and have their depot in Lintzhausen, the town founded by one of Colonel Lintzer's ancestors several centuries ago. The Lintzer family has made its fortune off of timber sales, and many of the recruits come from the town of Lintzhausen and the logging villages scattered through the surrounding forests.


Bluebear Jeff said...

Looks like a good combination.

-- Jeff

meadows boy said...

I like the uniform! very good!
Am currently working on designs for the 'Pinks' colours at the moment.

tradgardmastare said...

Excellent work -I really look forward to seeing the colourscheme on lead/pewter!

abdul666 said...

Very interesting uniforms - colorscheme both highly original and pleasant to the eye; and perfectly 'credible', realistic as mythistorical uniforms go.
The use in combo of David's uniform templates and Jeff's flags one is an excellent way to illustrate an unit Profile. Neat, clear, complete and eye-candy. I hope most Semi-SYW bloggers will follow such a stimulating and encouraging example.
No better way to first visualize to yourself, then share on the blogworld for our enjoyement and inspiration, the development of your armed forces. Thus neither you as the creator, nor us spectators, have to wait for years until the whole army is painted for display, as in the impressive parade on
And even then, a set of flag + uniform for each unit pleasantly and usefully complements photos of the same unit 'en masse'.

Keep carrying on the good work and good example.